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Local Parking Authority Compiles Database Capable Of Tracking Vehicle Movement

The National Security Agency is not the only taxpayer-funded organization that is compiling massive databases filled with the intimate details of people’s lives. Local governments are doing their part to grow the surveillance society we live in today.

The Post-Gazette reveals that the Pittsburgh Parking Authority has been scanning unsuspecting driver’s license plates in an effort identify vehicles with too many tickets. Most months 200,000 license plates are scanned, allowing anyone with access to the database to track a vehicle’s movement in the city.

Now entering its eighth year, the authority’s License Plate Reader program has photographed several million vehicles in the city. Designed to pick out scofflaws from the countless rows of cars parked on Pittsburgh’s public streets, the cameras alert enforcement officers when they drive by a vehicle with too many tickets. On goes the dreaded boot.

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I'm sure we would be shocked

At how often we're being tracked by both private and public entities. It's way too easy these days with the advancements in tech.

Awww how cute

Pittsburgh wants to be Big Brother just like ITS Big Brother , the Federal Government. So cute!

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