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Need reader thoughts on this pic. Is it a stretch or a maybe?

I need critical thoughts, not people who are all 'Fan Girls' of the accused. So let em rip.

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it cain't be

the shirts don't match


ur right.


The more I look at it the more it doesn't really look like the same person to me honestly, but it is a blurry picture.

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Definately the

same person. Look at the diagonal line under his left eye (right side on the pic). Not going to find that on two people that look similar. Ears are very close. I'd say yes it is him.

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But you can't see that line in the

marathon pics.

This is either correct, or

This is either correct, or hilariously racist.

Not racist when Black supporters came out with this one:

They introduced and insisted the Boston cop found with explosives was the same guy too.

I am just having some fun.

I am just having some fun. It's not racist and they actually do look oddly similar.

Been shown to many black people, but they are

avid supporters of the accused and I can't use their biased opinions. They say it is one and the same, but I am not so sure.

I've tentatively identified

I've tentatively identified the culprit as Djimon Hounsou, best know for his work in Gladiator and Blood Diamond.

Or Lawrence Gilliard Jr., from The Wire.

Hard to be sure, we will need more angles.


Could be!

Definitely need another angle to

really close the book on it. The two men (or one) look awfully similar certainly. Any chance you can provide another angle?

Yesterday at Tsarnaev Status Conference, Def. Lawyer Judy Clarke

said: The government has taken the position that, ‘Look, we know what we have and you don’t need to know about it.’ It’s of concern that the government thinks it can make a decision based on what they know without some defense input. They may have a completely erroneous story.

Defense attorney Judy Clarke, told to U.S. District Court Judge George A. O’Toole Jr.
interesting to say the least

She accused the FEDS. of withholding critical discovery. They are receiving loads of videos and stuff showing how the govt. and media are lying about all sorts of things. She asked for more time because she told judge some digital evidence used that have been recently released via phone, computer and image videos that they presented to the government. The Prosecution quipped back that they have had since April to find stuff.

Yesterday Boston Police commissioner resigned at the same time of the status conference. This makes about the 8th or 9th person who has resigned from city, state and Fed govts. who were involved in this case. All within the past few weeks.

Partial list of who resigned, fired or killed since Boston Bombs

Ed Davis, Boston Police Commissioner (added 23/09/2013)Janet Napolitano Head of DHS.Robert Mueller - Head of FBI. Richard DesLauriers - Head of Boston Field Office for both original Tsanaev FBI investigation, and Boston Marathon Bombings. Steve Abraria Boston’s Head Fire Chief.Thomas LaCroix - Waltham Police Department, original Triple Murder investigation head. (was arrested after the bombings for domestic assault, however is wife said in trial he never hit her, yea ok) Elizabeth A. Duke - Federal Reserve Governor Thomas Menino - Mayor of Boston - Announced he will not seek re-election shortly after bombings. Gerald Walpin -Kirk D. Merricks Boston PD Officer - Found With Military Grade Explosives after bombings. Gary Leone - Middlesex County district attorney, investigated Triple Murder, and the 2 dead fbi agents Lorek and Shaw

Now this just out about Todashev case...breaking

Hassan Shibly ‏@HassanShibly 2m
CAIR-FL has clear and shocking evidence of #FBI malfeasance and abuse around the #Todashev case to be released within 24 hours

Facebook: Hassan Shibly
46 minutes ago near Tampa, FL
CAIR has DAMNING evidence against the #FBI in the #Todashev case to be released within 24 hours!

CAIR is now in the news on twitter about the Kenya incident and everyone is hating on them all of a sudden. Maybe this is why.


I think they look remarkably alike! Seems a little too coincidental.

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Is this your way of saying all black men look alike? LOL

It'd be difficult to know for sure that's the same guy though.

The FBI probably knows who that man is, conspiracy or not.

LOL! No.

I get mistaken by other races as looking like all Mexicans, everyone speaks Spanish to me....and I'm Native American.

forehead seems to match perfectly but not sure about the ears

good find Ralph.

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JO4RP...look at pic below.

What do you think about it?


Not sure there is a definitive way to determine if it's the same guy using only these pictures, but just a few things I noticed.

1. Look at the ears. Specifically, the shape and direction of protrusion at the top of the ear. Compare the top tip. In the pics, they do not appear to be consistent.

2. I also picked up on the jawline. Alexis appears to have a wider, more square, and more pronounced jawline.

These are just my opinions. I'm a graphic artist, and regularly have to touch up photos while reviewing extreme close-ups. I'm by no means an expert, but I was just offering these clues to add to the discussion.

Typically, I like to go pull more images other than the few that surface every time this sort of thing comes up. I'd recommend trying to find more images of the guy in the background, something with a better angle to key in on the ears to compare them to Alexis's uniquely shaped ears.

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Thanks, Rob. Can you look at this other pic?

I was noticing the ears also. That is the first thing I always look at.

What do you think of this picture? The man is wearing a totally different uniform, judging by the pants. I think this is the same man.

The pants in the first pic don't seem to be cargo pants. They are a different color than the capture pic, but that could be due to lighting.

Some people question what are the odds of same EMT employee in the city the size of Boston and be on a regular shift be at these two events. I guess you can work double shifts and most shift work is from 7-3 and 3-11. The times of both of these events would require someone working double shifts. Which is odd in my opinion with a staff the size they have and city not like paying overtime.

quite suspicious....

thanks for posting

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Who is the Aaron Alexis guy?

Who is the Aaron Alexis guy? Is he a known gov agent? Or is he just a suspected one?

We don't know. He was the Navy Yard shooter.

He called cops and complained of 'them sending microwave sounds to his room'. Some think he was being used as a patsy for Navy yard shootings....been discussed here in the Daily Paul.

Ok, sorry works been busy so

Ok, sorry works been busy so I didnt get to follow the navy yard shooting very closely and missed the name. So it seems the same guy was at the boston marathon watching over the brothers?

I can believe it with the stuff ive seen

Not sure. Just want people to give opinion if it is same guy.

Supporters of the accused all say it's a definite, but they are biased.

I am asking here because so many people downvote all the Boston posts and I want to get critical opinions on this pic before something is done with it.

Yea, Im with you. It would be

Yea, Im with you. It would be nice for someone to run a facial recognition scan on the pictures and see what comes out of it.

To me it looks like the same guy, but I could be wrong. Its hard for me to tell everything from the pictures. It is definitely a close one if its not the same guy.