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Where Next for the Price of Gold & Silver?

Since May of this year-around the time the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke started talking about tapering quantitative easing (QE), the prices of silver and gold have, in general, headed down.

This downward price movement caused:

1. A Sharp Rise in the Sales of Physical Gold and Silver
2. A Cut Back in Mining Production and Silver and Gold Mine Closures

In the meantime there has been Massive Monetary Expansion By The World’s Central Banks

What happens next to the price of gold and silver-an analysis:


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I've added my prediction

to the end of the original post

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and a buying opportunity. I think the Fed will "taper", but just a little to send a message that the US is just okay... of course we know better. This will send metals down, and will provide a perfect opportunity to buy.

When the manipulation becomes too critical and is laid bare for all to see, then watch out - to the moon!

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

possibly but as pointed out in the post

Tapering still represents an increase in the money supply just at a slower rate.
Which means they are still printing and accumulating massive amounts of bonds and mbss thst they cant sell

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Eventually - inevitable. Buy physical. You'll sleep better... Until you get alot of it.

Ultimately you may be right

I am reminded of the lord maynard keynes quote
Markets can remain irrational long than you can remain solvent.
I suppose if you are not on margin you csn hold on during price dips

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