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Seventh Graders Suspended For Nine Months For Playing With Toy Gun… At Home (Video)

Seventh Graders Suspended For Nine Months For Playing With Toy Gun… AT HOME (VIDEO)


Parents outraged: “Not a school issue”

Steve Watson
Sept 24, 2013

Last week, in the wake of the Navy Yard shooting in Washington DC, we predicted that we’d see another wave of knee jerk overreactions to anyone doing anything with any object that even remotely looks like a gun – sadly we were right.

The latest incident occurred in Virginia, where a seventh grader and his friend have been suspended from school for playing with a toy gun, in the boy’s own front yard, outside of school hours.

WAVY-TV reports that while waiting for the school bus, the boys were fooling around with an airsoft replica handgun, shooting plastic pellets at a target attached to a tree, with a safety net rigged up to catch any off target pellets.

A neighbor saw them and called in a complaint to police. The caller even acknowledged that the gun wasn’t real, telling the 911 dispatcher “This is not a real one, but it makes people uncomfortable. I know that it makes me (uncomfortable), as a mom, to see a boy pointing a gun.”

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I smell BS

This is crap. The mother caves in? My mother would have said nothing except "Well okay then.", and started calling attorneys to file a defamation suit. This seems to wishy washy to be on the level.

I let

my 5 year old son shoot a .22 at a public range. Does this mean he should get expelled?

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