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Lessons On Freedom (From The Mouths of Brazilians…)

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff had some very strong words about the United States’ international spying operations today while addressing the U.N. General Assembly. After Edward Snowden‘s release of classified documents revealed the depth of America’s online espionage and data collecting operations, Brazilian government and citizenry have been in an uproar. Understandably so. Dilma’s words reach far beyond the borders of Brazil, however, and should echo in the heart of any American, or lover of liberty.

“Without the right of privacy, there is no real freedom of speech or freedom of opinion, and so there is no actual democracy,” Rousseff said. And “without respect for [a nation’s] sovereignty, there is no basis for proper relations among nations.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. This harkens back to the many times I have wrung my hands and screamed to the heavens about Americans sacrificing liberty and privacy for a thin veil of security that is far more conceptual than it is actual. If we have no privacy, we have no privacy to thought and without the intellectual liberty to form our own opinions in a government-less vacuum, we have already acquiesced to the powers that would seek to control us. Continue Reading

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..begins as 1 minute 40 seconds.


Like a broken clock

Even a corrupt Statist accidentally says something right once in a while

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

So the pot is

lecturing the kettle?
I wonder how much "freedom" Brazilians will have when the time comes to bulldoze their slums and homes to make way for the Football World Cup?
As much as the Chinese I suspect.

Essentially so!

I make a caveat about Dilma in the full article - she goes on to say that the UN should control cyberspace. Ridiculous.

This is the 2nd BRIC

country that has made the call that the progressive One World Government, the UN control the internet. Putin led the way.