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I Think Ted Cruz is Trying to CO-OPT Rand

Ted Cruz is a Bush guy. He is clearly the establishment answer to Rand Paul. It's pretty clear that he is trying to setup a situation where he will get the nomination for President or split the conservative libertarian vote within the party and leave us with Jeb or Christie.

We know very little about him other than the fact that he worked for Bush and his wife worked for Goldman. His rhetoric is great but look beneath the surface, he seems like he is to conservatives what Obama was to the progressives, great rhetoric very little substance, an establishment trick paying lip service to those it needs to neutralize.

Be very wary of him. He is a Bush guy with very little track record.

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There is no Amen from me.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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I may have worded my post to

I may have worded my post to be a little confusing. I do NOT think Cruz would be a good VP running mate for Rand. Cruz is crucial in the Senate and I believe that's where he should stay. I was referring to his position on the current issues (Drones, Obamacare, NSA) and that we have quite awhile before we start throwing rocks at our Liberty allies for 2016. However, if Cruz did run for President, I wouldnt be upset because I think he would be much in line with Rand and that will change the dynamic of the debates, ultimately benefiting Rand. There's no way Cruz could beat Rand. He doesnt have the resources Rand will inherit from his dad, The Godfather, Ron Paul.

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See LawmanJed's Comments

He outlines the fact that Cruz is INELIGIBLE for POTUS or VP.

Although his Mom is a citizen, his Dad is Cuban, and Cruz is NOT a Natural Born Citizen.
We should all check this out.

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...Everything CHANGED !!

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Natural Born Citizen


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Paul 3VOL

Me stands corrected... thanks for clarifying :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Great Post

Let's judge him by what we see now and be vigilant going forward.