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Buffett: Scrap Obamacare and Start All Over

When asked, "Are you in favor of scrapping [Obamacare] and going back to start over?", famed investor Warren Buffett said on CNBC March 1, 2010, "I would be — if I were President Obama.”

Buffett insisted that without changes to America's health system average citizens will suffer.

"We have a health system that, in terms of costs, is really out of control," he added. "And if you take this line and you project what has been happening into the future, we will get less and less competitive. So we need something else."

Three debate-ridden years later, millions of Americans still agree.

But now Obamacare is only weeks away from kicking off.

The government program, slated to begin in earnest October 1 when the exchanges go live, is one of the most hated bills in history.

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