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What are the chances Rand becomes the Minority Leader?

What would it take and when could it happen when Rand can usurp Mitch as the Minority Leader? 2014 or earlier? Whats the process? Is it even possible until 2014 and more TEA party comes in?

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The chances are low. Justin

The chances are low. Justin Amash has better odds of becoming speaker. Rand Paul would need to be in the senate another several years and have many of the sitting senators replaced before he could win. That very well could happen, but it's more likely that he becomes president before that happens.


We don't want Rand to be in that role. He needs to be a "free agent". Even Ron Paul spoke of this before and I think he even said he could never be speaker of the house because that job is about compromise and getting legislation through rather than standing firm on principle.


You have to think on the offensive

Rand could then bring up REPEALS to be voted on rather than all the Bills.

If so or not, it will be a political decision not an idealogical


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Perhaps you meant...

Majority leader?

If 2014 turns out as well as we hope, maybe I did

If not minority leader would be a nice compromise

who really cares?

It is from an older zero to a younger one. Rand Paul is no champion of the freedom or the liberty movement. When are you people going to get that through your heads.

He is a politician with ambitions. He is just like M. Mc. Only a younger generation.

Really? In the early stages of Rand in the senate, I could understand how the cheerleaders would always show up with their pom poms. But now after almost two years of twists and turns and inconsistencies... are you all that naive?

Oh well, have it your way. We'll all go down the Rand Hidee Hole.


Have fun rooting for the alternative imaginary candidate you have in mind. Who knows? If Rand becomes President he could appoint Ron to Fed Reserve Chairman or even cooler a Supreme Court Justice!

LoL, damn dude you're asking

LoL, damn dude you're asking for a torrent of anger with your comments. God knows I've sure received a lot for criticizing Rand on different things. I've been far from a Rand Paul cheerleader but I gotta admit he's taken some pretty heroic stands of late (think mandatory minimums, the drug war, drones, diplomacy with Russia over Syria, etc). But it's been a yo-yo for me too. I want so bad to get behind him the way I could his father, but certain things stand in the way of that (i.e. Iran sanctions/rhetoric and other issues). That said, I think you're right to some extent, but I think he deserves a little more credit than you're giving him.

What are the chances of a plane crash?

When it is carrying the current Republican leadership to a Fox News townhall.

An interesting idea

It all depends on the internal politics of the Senate, they choose their own leader, so it's hard to predict I guess. But I would think that if a significant number of liberty senators are elected in 2014, especially if Rand had endorsed them, that would greatly enhance his influence within the Senate, and could lead to leadership position, or at least better committee assignments.

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