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KK well, we dont need to know if Ted Cruz is for or against us we dont have time to dissect anyone, take the gold and leave the

sand. When people pan gold do they take the sand with the gold, or do they pan it and work it and get the gold they are looking for? We don't need to decipher who works for or against us, they can play that for 100 years against us. We dont need to find our enemies, we need to use their weaknesses for our benefit and their strengths for our benefit. We can take the whole package and use it. I hope Ted Cruz is on our side, but if he is not, if he is a coopt, he is still gonna have to tow the line slightly in our favor, so let's eat the chicken and not eat the bone. Learn how to gain from enemies of liberty, friends of liberty, and the plants against liberty who seem like our friends. If Ted Cruz is a coopt we will just have to milk him dry until he becomes useless to us, we know how to do that. I hope that is not the case, but if we got to milk him, lets milk him for a bit. He has to prove himself to us, if he proves false as we watch him, which we know how to pick him apart as he goes, we take him down. Anyways I hope you all catch my drift. Ted Cruz needs us, we dont need him, so watch him like a hawk. I hope he is on our team.