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Why is every other question on the politico site about NASA?

Personally, I would love to see some more space exploration but I'm beginning to think it should be done in the free market. NASA has way too much government control behind it for my tastes.

Just wondering who keeps voting up all these NASA questions because obviously they have a big group of people doing it....


One thing I'm concerned about is that some of the better questions on there will be asked only to Ron Paul - for example, this one is currently at #9:

"Do you believe that "George Bush Lied Us Into War"? And let me qualify that -- If your answer is "Yes" then why are you not offering up your proof and doing more to impeach the President? If your answer is "No" then why are you not speaking out more against this defamation of the President? And if your answer is "I don't Know". With all the comments, books and reports on this topic that have saturated our society for 5 years -- why don't you know? After all, whether or not our President lied us into war is one of the major issues dividing this nation. So how can a candidate who wants to be President "not know"?"

Fantastic question, but if asked exclusively to RP could serve to make him look "crazy" (but I'm sure he'd have some kind of amazing answer for this anyway)

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Because their viewers are probably geeks

Don't get me wrong, I'm a geek too. I'm an electrical engineer grad student with majors in engineering and pure mathematics. I have a low number Slashdot user id, and all that.

But science geeks usually have their priorities all wrong. They're clueless about civil liberties, history and law, and think economics are boring. NASA is a dying agency which only had a solid game plan during the cold war, and this bothers them because they feel their life force is being drained.

I like space exploration too, but it's pointless to talk about NASA when the dollar is on the brink of collapse. And I'm not willing to trade my freedom for an empty promise of space exploration.