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Daffodils - poem

Her smile was captured the velvet bristles in the folds -
transparent tongues shape halved cylinders,
thin as optic-fibers their axis point,

looking up their undersides:
shafting lights to them seer and sloth as a flame held long neath parchment paper,
catching subtle draft -
a subtle wince carries

the greater breeze...

a membrane between bloom and
star slipping o'er to grass-points down
from soil-pores to root,
the earth opaque-rich and quartz-sheen with small light,

all was circulatory:
the clouds spilt on the sky floor,
seem crumbling crests in a jagger of oceans,

all was circulatory - pervasive and gentle,

particles of pollen and prism raising in the dust of
immature winds whirling ungrounded,
visible only the circumambient motion they sling amongst...

IT is here -

filtering the sinuses of the breathing
and the Dead,

detail wholly lost to explanation in Its gate and shift...

yellow tooth-shaped flags reaching and scrolling
as hundreds of tops spun in jubilance,
on axes of needle-thread...

Peace and Love always.