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Rant from a worker ant!

For all our inane policies regarding the superfluous securities that have become impositions upon our liberties, we still are for all of this, willing to tolerate and conform to those policies for the very fact that they promise security and target it so; the preservation of our existence being complicit to a fear of it not being preserved.

The truth is, they who claim to have the ability from insight as to the path that affords our complete safeguard, whether from disease, terror, crime, drugs or the countless other fear-driven modes of television-apportioned anesthesia, are gravely, and most deliberately mistaken.

How can a society, from the social to economic level, the financial to manufacturing level, ever function in accord with one another when we allow, through the crippling policies of trade and the bewildering abuses of our monetary unit by the extrapolative summoning powers we squelch it's value with? There is an ineptitude upon us to support what has been laundered to other countries, for the expedience of wealth and profit over the subsistence and homeostasis of the people.

How can a society, continuously indoctrinated by the hypnotic-propaganda of the controlled media break free of the deception it feeds, when the deception has become an irreprehensible, irreconcilable and twisted truth? The "Industry", whether represented by the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Education, the Pharmaceutical industry, the Department of Homeland Security or any other department controlled by unelected officialdom, is in and by their actions the very measure of proof that they seek not to liberate people, rather suffer the people a delusional glory of earning back what has been stolen from and corrupted for them.

How can a society flourish under a pretense that Nature is second to Technology, wherein patents are put upon Nature to derive claims against its ability to sustain itself without the engineering of its very fabric? We are interconnected with all life, whereby we are afforded our fragile existence from the afforded existences of other life. We cannot segregate ourselves from Nature, no matter the advancements we are privy to. We cannot forget the purpose and privilege of Nature as we move forward during the greatest bribe to force its evolution in a direction governed by money and the greed that money perpetuates.

Man is surely the greatest fool to ever exist if he dares tamper with what sustains him.

Peace and Love always.

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