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I'm Riveted Watching Senator Ted Cruz Filibuster on C-SPAN, I Didn't Look at MSM Crap at all Today

How about you?

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it's just after 6AM

and Rubio must have napped 'cause he is really energetic. Poor Cruz and Lee sound tired.
I really enjoyed Cruz' reading of Bastiat. Not enough people know his work.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Tell Senator Paul to get his

Tell Senator Paul to get his ass out of bed and get down there on the Senate floor!

So I am not the only one up

So I am not the only one up in the middle of the night listening


Senator Ted Cruz is recommending "Atlas Shrugged"!

I actually had to pinch myself

Is this real?

Because these two polished mofos are putting on a show so tight you'd think they rehearsed it.

The delivery is flawless. The legal ground they go over are impeccable.

Mike Lee has a photographic memory, and at moments has Captain Kirk's vocal cadence.

This is one of the most entertaining things I've seen in a while.

We have to make a documentary

We have to make a documentary of this exchange. It's Epic.

lol oh yeah, it still makes my jaw drop just remembering it

I was chillin' watching the two of them late night, wondering how many people watching really appreciated what they were seeing.

Granted they *are* thoroughbred lawyers and politicians, gleefully exercising courtroom style mind-games and practiced rhetoric.

So even though I was in awe of the presentation - AND I certainly agreed with the substance of most of their arguments ...

At the same time I always wonder at the true motivations of the people who train their whole lives to work their way into a position where they can show off like that.

Cause among that kind of person - that general type - among them are the very people that have always been the most dangerous people on earth:

Authoritarian Sociopaths

The devil is in telling who's who before it's too late and they bring the hammer down. So far this country pretty much sucks at that (telling the difference).

Ted Cruz still going strong.

Ted Cruz still going strong.

I'm loving this discourse on

I'm loving this discourse on the floor of the Senate chambers going on at this time.

Senator Mike Lee is really

Senator Mike Lee is really very good.

I think Cruz,

Mike Lee and Rand have figured out that you win when you stand on principle.

ObombaCare must be defeated. I called both my slimy Sinators (Portman(R) and Brown(D) in DC and in all of their offices, by phone, Email, and even fax! They are terrified.

The new media has arrived in a big way.

I think, in listening to

I think, in listening to these long filibuster sermons, you really get a sense of the character of the people you elected to serve you in congress.

The news sound bites and short interviews only serve to alienate these people from you, for the most part.

Boy oh boy this is good

Boy oh boy this is good stuff.

What if we had a minimal

What if we had a separate minimal national health care plan for people with pre-existing conditions?