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This guy is on fire! Do we like him?

Was this guy a Ron Paul guy?
Chris Hedges?

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Cant speak for "we"

but I don't like the guy. He said a few things that made me think "right on," but mostly I think he is a statist. He is honest enough admit that our current government has been corrupted, but his solutions is to do even more of the same (or the same thing over again, just with different people).

Just my 2 cents

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While I've enjoyed "War is the Force that gives us Meaning", Chis Hedges is by no means a libertarian. As BaneMaler stated, "Chris Hedges is of the purist brand of progressives."

An altruistic voice for Labor, I'd be willing to bet that he's been voting Green Party for years.

Chris Hedges is OK in my book.

However there is not disputing taste.

"War is the Force that give us Meaning" discusses the cultural breakdown of those waging war and the regrets during recovery.

He is a recovering war correspondent.

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Answer anyone?

Anyone answer?

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If you have to ask "Do we

If you have to ask "Do we like him?" then you have already failed at libertarianism. What kind of groupthink are you a part of sheep...

simmer down.

When I posted this, I had had more than a few beers and wrote "do we like him" jokingly. In my mind, what I really meant was "has this guy been a supporter of the cause?" Now, granted, there is no way for you to have known that so I don't blame you really for responding like an a-hole. I might have done the same thing. but just to be clear, for the record, I don't give a shit what you think. I wonder how many people have been turned off by this movement because anytime someone says something we don't agree with, we break out words like "groupthink" and of course, "sheep"? I'm guilty of it too, but it's something we probably need to work on.

Exactly! I read the 'Do we


I read the 'Do we like him?' as 'Do we know more about him?'.

And honestly no-one was expecting comments saying 'I do' or 'I do not'. It was obvious to expect that the commentators would explain and throw in some facts about the guy so that others can know where this Chris guy stands.

Chris Hedges is of the purist brand of progressives

He would call himself a liberal but I think he makes his point in his book that the modern liberal is dead. I met him in KC, agree with his politics in general but not necessarily all of his solutions.

I talked to him particularly about an explicit article he wrote about soldiers who were a part of civil affairs -- the morticians of the services. He is vehemently anti-war.

We all know how it goes unfortunately with most of these types. They would rather focus on all the things they don't like about a Ron Paul than to admit the 70%-80% of stuff that they agree on. He is a heck of a speaker though. Check out some of his rally speeches. I posted some a couple years back.

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The liberal class is useless

The liberal class is useless and despised because they appear to be mentally retarded to the average person. They appear to have a mental break with reality that most people refuse to subscribe to, and for good reason.