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Vote No on Texas Proposition 6, Nov 5th, 2013

Conservatives and Conservationists unite!
If you hate government slush funds and bogeymans and wasteful use of natural resources for Govt/Corporate interests, then do I have a bill for you!


Perry, aka the second coming of LBJ, and friends (Joe Strauss, Dewhurst) will be pushing for voters to support Proposition 6 come November.
It is an amendment to the Texas Constitution and has already passed the Texas Senate with no dissenting votes, and the Texas House with 16 dissenters.

Capriglione; Fallon; Goldman; Gooden; Isaac; Klick; Krause; Laubenberg; Perry; Schaefer; Simpson; Stickland; Taylor; Thompson, E.; Turner, E.S.; Zedler.

(all republican) Simpson and Strickland are avid Ron Paul fans.

The bill text is titled, ”Creating funds to assist in the financing of priority projects in the state water plan.”
Texas history of politicians handling our water resources needs no introduction. J. Evetts Haley called LBJ's creation of the LCRA one of the most communist, New Deal-esque plots of Texas history.

The real title of this bill should be titled, "Texas' Californization bill", because we will be repeating the history of Los Angeles' past (Diverting water from Owen's valley to LA). Perry and friends will be diverting rural water resources to major urban areas where the corporations will be thankful, tax revenues flow freely, and urban sprawl dominate. I truly believe science has been dumbed down in this state to the point no one understands the basic law of conservation of mass. If a finite amount of rain falls in the state, much less 'directly over or into our reservoirs', then that is the only amount of rain you will have within our borders. No amount of political wizardry can create more water by fiat (ex, see Federal reserves' run away printing press for correlation).

Damning it wont make water more available, you will only be stretching the resource further and diverting it from rural land owners. More rivers and streams being damned into large surface area lakes will only exasperate the evaporation rate of surface water. The majority of the rain in Texas falls in the Eastern half of the state. Toledo bend and Rayburn have been somewhat successful in this matter. I doubt Perry will want to build lakes in East Texas and pay to pipe it to Austin, San Antonio, Houston, or Dallas (though we already do to some degree). Anything built West of I-35 has a snow ball in hell's chance of succeeding.

The liberals in Austin whine and moan that their precious Lake Travis is going dry. Well guess what? A damn lake wasn't meant to be there in the first place much less, be supported by Austin's arid climate.
(see: http://impactnews.com/austin-metro/lcra-agrees-to-cut-off-wa...
http://www.countryworldnews.com/news/headlines/1172-water-wa... )

Expect more of the same headlines, water diverted to meet the needs of the collective in the inner cities, and less water for rural communities and farmers. The entire bill is a cash cow for Perry and his cronies, I still laugh whenever he espouses his 'conservative values'.

Vote No on Prop 6 this November 5th, 2013.
The assault on rural America continues, led by supposed GOP leadership no less.

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get out and vote no

Southern Agrarian

Politician worried voters will skip right over Prop-6

End bias on bulleted items with #6 next to them! Wont someone think of the poor suffering politicians?!!?

Gov Perry and Wendy Davis agree, prop-6 is awesome!

“I’m concerned that people simply will not be aware that Proposition 6 is on the ballot and simply will not vote on it, period. Then I’m concerned that they’ll see it and they’ll think because we’ve been experiencing rainfall that the need is not there, and will either vote no or simply won’t vote at all.”

-Sylvester Turner

Southern Agrarian

Establishment blogger for Chronicle

"Vote yes, I talked with some pseudo conservative board and they told me it was a good thing!"

Southern Agrarian



Southern Agrarian

Sierra Club, bought off by Big business


Sunk to all time low. Sierra club is just another corporate tool with no standing. Any conservationist or environmentalist with an ounce of brain cells should have an extreme distrust of the texas legislature.

Southern Agrarian

Can this be on the front page

Can this be on the front page at some point tomorrow? It is the third return on Google for "Vote No Prop 6"

Southern Agrarian


Vote no on this monstrosity tomorrow.

Southern Agrarian

Propaganda Conditioning


Main article on Houston Chron website. Fear mongering at its finest.

Southern Agrarian

Prop-6 benefits the State, not the people.


Jim Henson, a professor and director of the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas at Austin, said the increased number of early voters could reflect the mobilization of Texas’ trade groups and industries to vote for the measure .

About sums it up, the only people who will profit from this measure: Big Business.
"Water Bank" is even used to describe the amendment in the article, where money will flow freely...

Southern Agrarian

David Simpson District -7 Rep

Was at the Nacogdoches Tea Party Saturday with David Simpson, Dwayne Stovall and Wayne Christian. Simpson talked for about 30 minutes about Proposition 6. His take, and what he saw on the House Floor, was that Prop-6 is a sham cover for easy money and nothing to do with water. He literally talked the entire time alloted and said the fund and advisory board created by prop 6 are a way around the rainy day fund. Easy money to spend. I don't remember the details but will re read the bill and see if that makes sense. Essentially it is going to create a free spending account for the legislature that has no restrictions unlike the Rainy Day Fund which can only be used in emergencies.

Southern Agrarian


...on Monday there's a Dallas County GOP meeting; you could go and explain this information because I know there will be people attending who want more clarity. There may even be a chance for you to open the floor for discussion....

Sent an email to the

Sent an email to the Alabama-Coushatta tribe in Livingston to see what their stance is and if they would make a statement or appearance along side other groups that oppose this.

Southern Agrarian

Prop 6 Drowning Us in Debt.


More Californization for Texas if it passes.

Southern Agrarian

Wiki on Prop 6

Lt Gov Candidates on Water

In Texas, the Lt Gov holds the balls of the state in his hands, not the governor, and determines what goes in the budget, when it is voted on, and appoints committees. The Texas Gov serves more of a mouth piece than anything. Where do the candidates stand on water issues?

Jerry Patterson

"Instruct the Texas Senate to revisit the junior water rights provision. Surface water belongs to the state of Texas. Placing an arbitrary condition on where that water can be beneficially used devalues this asset and prevents the economic transfer of water to other regions of the state. Any change must still provide that local needs are prioritized. Without this change in law, we will continue to discharge millions of acre-feet of unused water into the Gulf of Mexico , water that could satisfy the needs of drought stricken areas of Texas. "

Pro Prop 6 and water redistribution.

Dan Patrick
No mention of water issues.

Todd Staples
Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, no current mention of water issues.
http://www.toddstaples.com/Issues has some wildlife PAC endorsements, but also a lot of Agri-business and industry PAC endorsements.

David Dewhurst
In favor of Proposition 6. Central planner.

Southern Agrarian

Their at it again out here

Although it looks like we may be finally winning the fight. The Native tribes got involved and it has turned the tide. Our Congressman has started a federal investigation.


Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

A wet slap!

Texas water disputes are only just starting to get interesting.

San Antonio Water System (SAWS) has been very active at various water control board meetings and other gatherings in smaller cities and running emotionally-biased newspaper advertisements to make their attempt at a water grab look as if it is a good thing.

Texans! Please get involved with your local water board or river authority. Your intelligence and sense of fairness is needed to counter the forces of ignorance and greed.

say no to gov't mgmt of water..


Thanks for bringing awareness about this!

I agree with you completely... However I live in Austin and am not a liberal... I understand where you are coming from with Austin being a a 'blue city' in a 'red state'. Just thought I would include this article to raise the hopes of other Texans about Austin:


We also need to stop sending water from Central Texas to the Houston rice farmers. I think they have suspended the supply temporarily but I really need to educate myself on the water issue in Texas; at least the political aspect of it. I keep up to date on lake levels and rain fall

proverbs 20:15
There is gold, and an abundance of jewels;
But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

Correct, the water from the

Correct, the water from the LCRA is either staying in Lake Travis or going to the large farms down the coast... but not into the gulf as we have seen with the Rio Grande.

Southern Agrarian

Anything comming from that discusting NWO shill Perry

Bushes little puppet boy. I auto vote NO.


The only people who voted

The only people who voted against it in the House or Senate were the names mentioned above from the House. Our corrupt Senate was unanimous in favor.

Southern Agrarian

Indy Texans met in a

Indy Texans met in a convention Saturday to give an audible vote against Prop 6 and to discuss getting the word out.

Austin Statesman

Southern Agrarian

I have car magnets in mind

I feel this is the cheapest way to get the message out, short of renting a billboard. Will make people stop and consider it at least when it is next to my Gadsden snake.

Here a few ideas I have.

Eventually I might make a more artistic version.

Southern Agrarian

Glad to see your post

We are not getting much information about this proposition. But when the local politicians make a special point to encourage everyone to vote "Yes" I get suspicious.

Why would we give more money to water boards that have resorted to cloud seeding in spite of ethical and environmental concerns? (Private property, health, contamination, severe weather threats)

It's going to be very hard to convince voters that it is a bad idea to vote for more water. Because this is how they see it. Who wants to run out of water?

I don't like the idea of using emergency funds for a project based on what our needs MIGHT be in 50 years. It also seems selfish to take water from the dry part of the state so that the big cities can water their yards. Our rural landowners and food producers need all the support they can get.

Water conservation is an interesting challenge that is being embraced by engineers and home builders. A lot is being done. I agree, lets see how that goes rather than threatening rural aquifers and empowering more state control over our natural resources.

Thank you for this

It helps to understand what impact these amendments will actually have on the state and the public. I received a newsletter in the mail last week from my congressman, who I assume voted for this, that outlined all of the amendments up for a vote on Nov. 5th. I read it all, then remarked to my husband "I'll bet I'm one of the very few people who actually read this."