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I'm tired of the cynicism that is pervading this site.

"The filibusters are just political theater." "Glen Beck is only interested in liberty for personal gain." "Matt Drudge is only a news aggregator.""Rand Paul supported Romney." Etc.

Are we so beaten down that the only pleasure we find is in sticking it to the folks that are late in proclaiming the message of liberty? Sure Cruz's record isn't spotless. Sure Glen Beck was a dick to Ron Paul. Sure Drudge aggregates other sites content. Sure Rand Paul supported Romney. Sure there not perfect.

If we can't get over ourselves enough to invite new people from all strata of society into the fold then we are done.

Ron Paul worked hard to always point to the fact that it was about the message, not the messenger. Liberty has more messengers today than it has had in a long time. Lets not shoot them for not having a perfect track record or for the fact that their message wont change things overnight. Even if they have ulterior motives, lets take the momentum and grow the message.

This does not mean that we have to trust them, vote for them, send them money, etc. All need to be vetted. Let's just stop undermining the message because we don't particularly like the messenger. If the message they preach is bad then let's point that out.

Cynic's never change the world for the better. They always have an excuse as to why it won't work.

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It has to do with incrimental ism

Incrementalism vs principles

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

What's with all these "Are we so beaten down" posts and

calls to be "more" inclusive and all the other stuff that has nothing to do with this site or the message of Individual Liberty???

Seems a little odd that there's this pattern. Seems like a lot of negative assertions being projected onto this site.

If you (the OP) want to perpetuate the momentum of the message then creating a post to point out all the "problems" seems slightly counter-intuitive. Just sayin'.

Personally, I'm f***ing psyched by all the positive changes happening!!!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Good point.

I should have probably taken a break before writing this post. I still don't disagree with the point I was trying to make but I definitely wrote it in a much too negative way, something that I don't like doing normally.

Hey, at least you're aware of the state you were in

Can't say that for many people, so kudos for your self awareness.

It's hard to write about something passionate without getting caught up in the emotion of it all. What I try to do is I write a post or comment the way I feel in that moment, then I re-read and edit it to make it as positive as I can. I pay attention to how I feel reading back the words. Quite often I write a few paragraphs worth only to conclude that I'm not producing something positive enough and scrap the whole post or comment.

It's important to be aware of your "output" as the "input" will return in like manner. Sometimes, it's better to not say anything at all. That in itself is a positive action.

This "being human" thing is hard ;)

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Information Cures a Co-Opt

Glenn Beck & Matt Drudge are NOT "late-comers".

They are WILLING cogs in the Establishment machine. Beck sang the praises of Paul and then FLIPPED when it mattered. Can you imagine patting someone on the back UNTIL the moment they need you? And you drop them because it doesn't serve you?

Drudge was getting emails from all of us about Ron Paul's successes -- he didn't treat Ron Paul equally -- he played Paul the same way the MSM did: Drudge did his best to marginalize Paul while playing up the Establishment players.

Late-comers aren't the issue.

But you know a TRUE late-comer from a FALSE one by listening to their logic of how they came around. What's glenn beck going to say?

"Well, I said he looked like the only man with a plan BEFORE he ran for office, I don't know.... now that he lost ... I THINK HE WAS RIGHT! I'M A LIBERTARIAN NOW. COME ON - TEACH ME GUYS - I'LL HAVE A SHOW ABOUT IT - COME ON! I'M A LIBERTARIAN NOW."

He suddenly shows up at our party after Ron Paul loses? It's like a SNAKE -- spoiling one Presidential Office bid, and then moving into position to FUCK UP another.

Drudge is doing the EXACT same thing. Feigning support for libertarian ideas.... but only AFTER he screwed Ron Paul with his establishment propaganda. He hand-picked the polls that supported romney or hurt Obama - but NOT A WORD about Ron Paul being the only viable contender against Obama.

Are you new to this website? Were you paying strict attention during the election? The media literally TURNED OFF CAMERAS when people were shown supporting Ron Paul. Now these media personalities want our trust AGAIN ?

Fuck off.

Once you do a show supporting Hitler, it doesn't matter if you see the error of your ways later -- YOU DON'T DESERVE PUBLIC ATTENTION anymore. You should be shunned out of the limelight. Support who you want PRIVATELY. You don't deserve to have influence over people when you get something so wrong, whether out of ignorance or OUTRIGHT DECEIT.

This isn't about late-comers.
It's about DECEPTION.

Fool me once, shame on YOU. Fool me twice.... uh.. ya know.... uh.... fool me twice you're not gonna fool me again. (as G. W. put it)

Beck was, is, and always will be a shill.

As far as the others I reserve commenting at this time. No cyn here, just one fact.

I don't think so.

I think it's more of a situation where people now understand what politics are about and don't really want any part of it anymore. I know I don't, it's pure bullshit...

Some moved on from it all and are looking for new avenues to freely move about without government in the way or even in the conversation at all. It's just old and boring. We heard it all before.

I remember when Rand was being pushed on this movement towards the end of the 2012 election. I saw it creeping up and to my surprise I seen how some if not most people here caught on as well and refused to jump on that losing bandwagon. If he wins, we still lose. Our rights will still be taken away no matter who sits in that kings chair, it's the system itself that is corrupt not the man wearing the crown.

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Embrace it

When you are over the target the flack gets heavier.
This rEVOLution is growing in leaps and bounds.
Keep waking up everyone you meet.
Speak up about the nanny-state when you get carded at K-mart for a lighter. Talk to the construction flagman about the exported jobs.
Point out the BPA in the plastic bottles to the post grads (this is easier now that plastic containers are advertising as BPA free).
Share your home grown vegetables and growing secrets with the PHD nutritionist. Bring up the suicide rate of our active-duty soldiers to any warmongers. I agree with Ben Swann

Liberty Is Rising.

Keep up the good fight my friend.

Forgiveness is a good tool.

Forgiveness is a good tool. Choose not to let things bother or tire you. It's okay to hate evil but think about good things. Love will change the world and is changing the world if you have eyes to see. The kind of love that loves one's enemies enough to be patient and share the truth with them. Also the love that sacrifices ones own life quality for friends. Greater love has no other than to lay down one's own life for one's friends.

Cynism and vigilance against

Cynism and vigilance against bureaucrats should be a proud and loud clarion call of the movement. Let Washington quake with fear at our wrath and vengeance. That we expect an accounting of every penny spent. Every ounce of gold. Every bar of silver. Every trespass of privacy. Every death in our name.
That every bullet they would be inclined to turn on their citizens is matched by ten of our own.

Always remember how quick they dispatched Ron Paul.
In a flash-he disappeared. The Apparatchik no longer spoke of him.
There was only their guy: with coifed hair, scripted words and practiced body language.
Speaking pretty words of freedom and America.
And to his left: the same man, but only of darker complexion.

The liberty movement is asymmetric. All are welcome.
But it is right to be skeptical to those who were the architects of the demise of the constitution and this country.

Ron Paul was always cynical of government and politicians.
The movement is a bastion of hope. An illuminating light to citizens left behind by their parties.
There is lots of hope here.
It's just that most here are much more astute at seeing the grift-game that politicians and pundits play.

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And then what?

So what do you do when you're tired of something?

I guess I share my thoughts with the group and see

if anything happens. I'm not looking to force my opinion on anyone but I personally feel there is some merit to my point of view. Otherwise I wouldn't have shared it.

In no way was I intending to belittle the site itself. I love the DP! I love the fact that people from all walks of life post about liberty here. I get a bit frustrated when I see so much negativity when we have so much to be positive about.. Heck, I guess my post was a bit negative too. Kinda defeated my purpose there.

At the end of the day, I love this movement. I want to see it succeed. I do what I can.

Build a website and promote an idea.

Now what do you do if it takes off and get's crazy towards liberty? Ride it? or Lead it? lol.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Hates cynicism

makes cynical post


Wow! It appears that this post nearly reached Granger status.

I'm impressed. =)

For all those giving me 3rd grade English lessons, you're right, typo's make all arguments invalid.

For everyone else who automatically assumed that I am promoting that we drop our guard for even one minute, I wonder of you read my post to the end or just the title? It was about us undermining the liberty message because we don't like/trust the messenger. When we do that we lose the ability to capitalize on the momentum. Scrutinize the messenger all you want, but just don't do it in a way that kills the message as well.

By the way, everyone is free to disagree with me. If I wanted a bunch of upvotes then I would just have posted a video from the Colbert Report.


Ps. If there arw any typo's, please understand that I wrote this on my phone.

you have 2 things going on here

you have trolls trying to divide the movement and then you have those that will only push the purity route of bringing America back.

Had to log in so I could vote

Had to log in so I could vote you up. Yes, the message is spreading, and it's what we worked so hard to do and what we need so badly. The old saying, "don't shoot the messenger" comes to mind.

Blessings )o(

the cynicism comes from establishment trolls

they are on here to divide and manipulate.

I normally do not do this..

I am proud to vouch for Seth. He is one of us. I know this first hand.

While some may differ in opinions, Seth may have some good points.

Keep in mind that we have a very tough battle, some of us [though not all] do get frustrated from time to time.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

This post cracks me up

How many times do people have to get burned before they stop touching the fire?

Being betrayed multiple times hardens you and makes you guarded. You say that us cynics are hurting the movement by not allowing these lousy pieces of shit repetitive chances. I say you're ruining the movement by letting them gain your trust and then turn around to stab us in the back.

You can be optimistic all the way to the ruination of this country.

Exactly awl19

Why do people want to go around like battered spouses? We've gotten plenty of black eyes from cons who just want to tap into a vibrant network of active supporters.

"vibrant network of active supporters"

The offer still stands 'Cuda. Are you up for some fun tomorrow evening? Daily Paul'ers will be in full force :-)

If you lost the invite let me know :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

In these times of intentional economic collapse

If your not jaded and full of cynicism you probably are taking some type of pharma lobotomy meds.

Normal is for normal times.

PS look if you cant take the heat use your ban button. If you feel your being trolled by a shill ban them.

The first ban I gave was Granger. Why would you allow cyinics that you cant stand to continue to perpetualy rag on you?? Beter yet why would you advocate that only non cynical coments be posted? You choose what you read no body forces you to read those neg coments.


Not sure why the negative votes?

There are some spelling issues in this post--ha ha--but your point is pretty sound. I think it's a minority here that are wringing their hands - I've been encouraged by all of the creative social media support I've seen from the liberty movement these last 48 hrs.

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

Time to start monitoring the trolls and their behavior!

Maybe a website, so many fun ideas as the haters will still hate helping to advance their troll transparency, we should monitor that. LIBERTY IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kind people rock

Yeah THATS somehing thays going to appeal to Liberty leaning

people here.

Let's monitor.

Are you taking your cues from Lindsey Graham or John McCain?

Your right, guess I thought how can we reverse

the intimidation and condescending comments that are running wild here?

kind people rock

Yah, yah, yah.

The classic "anyone who disagrees with me is a troll/disinfo agent/cointelpro agent."

Get some new material, champ.

No, no, no. Not about disagreeing at all.

It's about if someone is swinging the bat for liberty, why would anyone want to get in the way of that? I'm all about differing perspectives, but destroying the momentum of a possible message that could possibly help liberty, I don't get it, lets distract and attack the messenger which typically does not help the most important thing, the message of liberty. Maybe there are a lot of trolls on here or there are severely depressed bitter folks on this website, snapping at the chance for criticism, I find that sad. I don't meet many libertarians who are so condescending with people who are actually working to do SOMETHING to help personal freedom. I'm sure all of you would say it was a waste of time to get involved earlier this year with the 2nd amendment too. Liberty needs every opportunity that's available, and if politics is one of them, why stop someone who is trying to speak out for your freedom???????????? DIVIDED WE FALL! Time to do something productive instead of arguing with fools, peace.

kind people rock


Here is my cynicism:


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul