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Peter Schiff Was Right - 'Taper' Edition

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Morons: CNBC,

Morons: CNBC, Bloombergers

Liars; Barclays, JPM, Goldman Sachs, et al

They Tampered with the Taper

Schiff nailed it again! I had to look up exactly what taper meant, though it was quite obvious, I just wanted a better picture. I stumbled across this podcast from Mises.

Interviewed by host Alex Hinojosa, Mark Thornton discusses the Federal Reserve's "no-taper" and emerging talk of currency war.

http://mises.org/media/8054/ (8 min MP3)

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I'd like to know

If Bernanke was serious about ending the QE and whether or not the board of governors opposed it hence his replacement. Obama announced his replacement during the Snowden interview with Charlie Rose, was it?

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WHO is laughing, now?

WHO is laughing, now?

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Did you notice the look on his face when they all were laughing?

It was a split second.. and it was poetic.

[meant to be a reply to mrjoey, my bad.]

Thanks for sticking to your guns

Peter endures the snickers and laughs and comes out on top again! Thank for always sticking to your guns, Peter!