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How To Raise Money For Ron Paul Now

I don't want to hear how money has dried up for the Ron Paul campaign. I would question the source. I agree canvassing, calling, passing out slim jims is all a great need. But donations?

Here are some ways to raise money for the campaign and I encourage everyone to keep this going so we add ideas and actions to support our candidate. If other campaigns use our ideas, we know this thread is being monitored by what some call "trolls".

1. Bake cookies and sell them to your local community. They get food you get the money. Who knows, you might start the next Starbucks or something.
2. Have a local car wash.
3. Get your neighbors together and have a huge yard sale.
4. Do oil changes.
5. Shovel snow (with a snowblower hopefully).
6. Offer your services and take 25% of everything you sell in a 2 week time frame for the campaign.
7. Offer food for Paul at your local restaurant. If you own the restaurant, food for Paul day.
8. Go to your local Micky D's or Burger King and tell them on Tuesday, (or whatever day for those in never never land) for every burger (make it their most expensive burger) they sell, you will give the sales person who sells it (with receipt proof) a $ 2.00 tip as long as they say, today is food for Paul day and if you buy our ( most expensive burger - name it) I get a special tip, when they pick up the food, thanks for buying this burger and please support Ron Paul.
(Granted, there will be some who are so schooled in complete control over their life they will see this as a violation of whatever - this is our country people not some bureaucrat's.

These are only a few ideas - let's make them work for the Ron Paul campaign. Any other suggestions?

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make ron paul rubber

make ron paul rubber bracelets and sell them. http://www.rubber-bracelets.com/order.htm


Make rubber bracelets for schools and donate a portion to the campaign.
Make rubber drink coasters to sit on a desk so people put their drink on the coaster and donate the money to a Ron Paul ad in the local paper.

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