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Drama Unfolds Behind the Scenes in the Kokesh Camp, Donation Money Goes Missing

FWIW - I support Adam Kokesh and his efforts completely. I wish him well in the path he has chosen, and I will continue to keep a close eye. I feel he's been wronged by the State and by what appears to be a few people close to him.

Adam Kokesh is No Longer Our Customer

Shield Mutual is ending its relationship with Adam Kokesh for the following reasons. (We do not normally issue a statement for such a routine matter, but this is a special case.)

(1) Failure to Renew

Adam's membership expired more than 6 weeks ago. I wrote Adam three weeks ago about this (1). In response, I received a poor-quality audio recording more than two weeks ago from Adam via Jeffrey Phillips (his current business manager) in which Adam said that he wished to renew his Shield Mutual membership. He directed Jeffrey to make payment. (1) I have not received payment. More than a week ago, I raised the issue with Adam's father, Charles Kokesh, when he contacted me but, likewise, have not received payment. Shield Mutual membership is inexpensive, but we don't work for free.

(2) Failure to Remedy Damage

No one in Adam's camp will remedy a damage that two of Adam's employees caused me, possibly under Adam's own direction (1, 2, 3)

On July 17, Darrell Young and Liz "Delish" Del Cano, employees of Adam's "Adam vs. The Man LLC" (AVTM) business, publicly libelled and slandered me, respectively. They falsely accused me of withholding legal defense funds I raised for Adam in May 2013. They did this using AVTM media assets and consequently slandered/libelled me to as many as 150,000 people. My complaint is documented here: Libertarian Dispute Resolution in the Here and Now

My fully documented response to their accusations shows that I acted appropriately at all times. You can find it here: Adam Kokesh Legal Defense Fund Update. I hired a respected fellow activist to advocate for me. I offered mediation through another respected activist. I spoke with Phillips about it. In fact he promised me almost a month ago that he would soon settle it (1). I have spoken with the elder Kokesh about it. I have written to Adam in some detail about it (1)

Although I have private confirmation from Young that the funds were received (1) (as well as confirmation that the check was deposited and, via Adam's father, deposited into the AVTM business account) and even though I fully and transparently documented that I acted appropriately at all times, I have received no formal response to my complaints from Young, Del Cano, Adam, his father or Phillips. No one at AVTM, not even Adam, has seen fit to publicly announce that the funds were received nor much less to grant me the public apology and retraction I am owed.

I received a perfunctory apology from Adam via voicemail (1), an offer of a written apology from Del Cano by way of Adam's father (1) and a private concession from Young that I am owed an apology (1). But that is it. It is unacceptable to lie publicly about me and then fail to make it right more than two months later.

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The next Charlie Viech.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

What is Shield Mutual?

What is Shield Mutual?

Shield Mutual is a defense agency for activists...or anyone

"Our mission is to defend our customers from state aggression using, not armed patrols, but crowdsourced public relations, proactive leadership, digital fundraising, legal aid and the force of truth."


It's completely legit from all the research I've done. Google George Donnelly. They're the ones who set up the initial Free Adam stuff, and helped start a legal defense fund.


I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!