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Comic Rob Schneider Explains That Americans Have No Right to Sue for Vaccine Injury

This video shows the REAL reason that vaccines are so contraversial. Because no one can get into a courtroom to proved how much damage the current vaccine program is causing.

Darrell Issa will be holding his second round of vaccine hearings in November, and this time he is looking at the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which is basically a kangaroo court that protects vaccine makers and throws disabled children and families of the deceased under the bus.

And because docs are also given liability protection, they do not have to give patients accurate safety information, or even know anything about a vaccine's safety. It is the ONLY product line in the country with such protection.

The Canary Party made a video primer on this corrupt program to illustrate for the public how they have been robbed of their rights, and to call their attention to these upcoming hearings.


Watch and share.

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That wasn't funny

at all.

Defend Liberty!

A Super Smart Guy...

..who does a real good job of playing super stupid guys in really awful movies. I'm generally impressed by Rob Schneider being Rob Schneider on chat shows but I'm usually not taken by most of his schtick. (Did love 50 First Dates, though, and he wen nail da kine pidgin.)

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West of 89
a novel of another america

how do you know that's rob schneider?

doesn't list him in the youtube page at all for the video

Watch the video

At the end, the voice says "I'm Rob Schneider"

Of course he could be lying.

It's Rob Schneider

Working with him on making the video was wonderful. He is totally a stand up guy, worked gratis, really cares about our kids, and about health freedom issues.

Press release we issued with his quotes on the project: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/9/prweb11101380.htm

Wow, when did Rob Schneider

Wow, when did Rob Schneider become the Vaccinator! the Vax-ster, the Vax-o-rama! Mr. Vax-o-roni himself.

He wrote, directed and starred in a 2010 movie about 3 gurus...

and a guy that was about to commit suicide

that only got 4 out of 10 stars which is a shame because even though it drags along in the second act the beginning is hilarious, and I haven't seen the end.

So yeah, Rob Schneider's a pretty good guy.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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great man

Him and Juliette Lewis came out around the same time in support of Ron Paul, which is brave considering what they will do to you in Hollywood if you show support for someone like Paul.

Great title too, huh? It is provocative...

almost didn't want to click on this post because I was like 'Here we go.' but then I remembered that he's been in a bunch of spiritual movies so I clicked and saw it was good news.

That's a good title - I think?

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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If that short part in the

If that short part in the beginning weren't there about vaccines and autism this video would be useful. As it sits most people will shut down and refuse to listen to the rest as they have been thoroughly conditioned that it's all kookdom that vaccines are anything but wonderful and anyone who suggests they can cause autism is a kooky fruit loop.

Most people are also convinced that vaccines harm a statistically insignificant number of other people not them or anyone they know and thus government needs to protect vaccine makers or there won't be any vaccines and the overwhelming good will be lost. They cannot see the connection that government protection and a forced market brings about shoddy testing, sloppy manufacturing practices, over production, and production of useless products.

I think the crony capitalist part is the weak link to aim at and should be concentrated on without other things that could cause people to shut down. The video does crony part well, but it's already lost most people who turned it off in the first few seconds.

Walgreens can't give the damn things away.

The new CVS is empty while the Bay Natural Foods/Streu's Pharmacy is booming.


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Rob Schneider is a great guy

Rob Schneider is a great guy who really cares and probably did this add for free. He was a special guest at a northern california fishing adventure for my brothers daughter who has spinal bifita and other children that are handicap. My brother said he was really funny in person also. not to many celebs do that type of stuff but he sure did.

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Medications will now become vaccines

And now that big pharma has diplomatic immunity, it will produce a vaccine form of things formerly packaged as medications/drugs, so it can mitigate its legal risks for bad drug reactions. High cholesterol vaccine, sleep aid vaccine, etc...

We need Mel Gibson and Danny Glover to take on these punks!

Here is reference material for parents out there also...


Peace and Love.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Give the pediatrician this...


I'm sure they'll run for the hills.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness


I got a religious exemption for my youngest child! I'm kinda proud of myself... my other 3 have had only what was required to attend school and on MY schedule instead of the one recommended by the CDC(none started before age 2). I let the state bully me into getting them for the older ones... never again!

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Thank you Ginger Taylor!

Informed consent is not insane to demand, and neither is transparency.

I have no idea whether or not

I have no idea whether or not people are actually barred from suing for vaccine injuries because I haven't researched it. However, this would seem to fly in the face of all the articles floating out there showing where people have been suing and and settlements are being made.

The real key here is educating people on the associated risks. If someone decides the risk is worth it but becomes damaged, suing will not undo that damage. The government is not going to protect us or watch out for the interests of the people because the individual people do not have high dollar lobbyists and we don't have the campaign contributions to get the sellouts in DC re elected.

your second paragraph

pretty much sums it up. Becoming informed on the pros/cons and risks associated with each vaccine is better than blindly accepting or dismissing all of them. Same applies for mainstream and alternative medicine as a whole, or anything else. +1

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The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act

It's true.

The act was passed in 1986, and upheld in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth in the Supreme Court in 2010.


Under Section 22(b)(1) of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 ("NCVIA"),

"No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings."

The cases you have heard about are FROM the governments Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which pays some cases, but as few as it can get away with paying.

The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act

Thank you Ginger! If more people actually knew that they were signing their rights away when they allowed their child to be vaccinated, the public outcry would be HUGE!

This is such important information, it needs to be shared far and wide!

You are lying again.

Vaccine manufactors do pay for injuries through excise taxes on every vaccine. The system might not be ideal, but with thousands of sue-happy antiscience lunatics foaming at the mouth to attack Big Pharma, perhaps the system is working.

Also the Vaccine Court does pay for vaccine injuries. It just not award injuries for autism, which is not caused by vaccines.

Vaccine Manufacturers do NOT pay into the fund

Correction to Delsid:

What you said is incorrect. Vaccine manufacturers don't pay the excise tax, the consumer/patient does. It is 75 cents on each vaccine, with triple vaccines such as the MMR being 3 times that, $2.25.

The Pharmaceutical companies have an unbelievably sweet deal; they pay no liability tax/insurance, they pay no marketing/advertising form most of their vaccines because they are mandated be state law, and they have zero liability.

Does that sound like incentive for ANY company to put out the best possible product? No, it is a recipe for disaster for the consumer. And would not be tolerated for one minute if it were any other group of products. And it needs to stop.

Unbelievably sweet deal?

So many people were suieng pharmaceutical companies that they were going out of the vaccine business.

Is this fair? Is it fair that people, regardless of the guilt of the other party, have the ability to sue them into extinction? The anti-vaccinators were abusing the government system, and now they are mad and claiming that it benefits the vaccine producers.

Lots of antivaccine people are highly emotional and irrational on this topic and inevitably downvote any comment that defends any aspect of vaccines, but with the government in place, ONE PARTY IS ALWAYS USING THE GOVERNMENT TO SCREW PEOPLE.

I am not sure if I am

I am not sure if I am following your logic Delysid.

You say the anti-vaccine people were abusing the system by suing manufacturers to extinction.... well if people were suing for vaccine injury, that means they were vaccinators, not anti-vax.

How can any other business survive the court system? The pharmaceutical companies lobbied Congress for this protection because it was incredibly good for THEIR business. Not for our kids.

The current system does not protect the children or their families. The system was put in place to protect the multi-billion dollar vaccine industry, and the government programs associated with them.

It is not a fair system for the consumer at all.

You accuse anti-vaccine people of being "highly emotional and irrational", yet you are the only poster here I have seen throwing insults around at other commenters, while having your facts simply wrong - such as when you said that vaccine manufacturers pay a tax on every vaccine.

The video that Ginger posted highlights an important issue. I think it is great that people are learning the facts surrounding the corrupt vaccine program. It's WAY past time they did!

It's not a fair system for anybody except lawyers

The pre-eminent anti-vaccination group NVIC lobbied for the creation of the Vaccine Court.


I guess from your point of view that backfired didn't it?

The entire court system, not just the no-fault liablity aspect of the vaccine court, is unfair. Do you know how many honest businesses and people have been destroyed by the court system? It is no secret that medical mistakes happen by honest people. On the flip-side, it is also not a secret that grossly incompetant, if not sinister, medical actions happen. It is also not a secret that aggressive litigation is taken to ruin honest people.

These are inevitable consequence of human nature.

A major problem with medicine is that it takes years to understand. The medical and pharmaceutical industries are particularly liable for aggressive lawsuits and jury decisions because the average human being knows very little about the details of pharmacology and physiology. Juries and judges, many with no scientific background, can be manipulated by convincing quacksThis historically has led to disasterous court rulings. . Now to emphasize, OBVIOUSLY A CERTAIN PERCENTAGE OF MEDICAL LAWSUITS ARE JUSTIFIED. I'm not denying this.

But Ginger Taylor and many others are portraying the Vaccine Courts in a comical "Big Pharma is a super-villian" strawman. It was a fucked up situation pre-vaccine court, and it is fucked up post vaccine court.

One does not have to be

One does not have to be anti-vaccination to see the inherent problems with government covering the liability of products and mandating their use. I believe vaccines when well manufactured and thought out have a use, but should not be over used, and require careful consideration wrt developing immune systems. I don't believe they are a special class of product either.

Furthermore there are a wide range of products that take years to understand where average people have no knowledge and can be easily manipulated and so forth and so on. That argument of yours applies to a lot of products that when used improperly by those same average people can kill/injure them. Yet such products have no similar protection and are still made.

What makes vaccines so special? According to pro vaccine arguments the number of real vaccine injuries is vanishingly small. They should face far less problems than a major automaker does if that argument is correct. Vaccine makers are not small entities that cannot defend themselves. They also enjoy quite the market protection from the FDA as well.

Simply put, the arguments fall flat if vaccine makers produce a quality product that meets advertised claims.

"What makes vaccines special?" I'll tell you.

Widespread scientific ignorance. Mind-numbing ignorance of even the basics of biochemisty and physiology. Quackery is ubiquitious. Every major political outlet partakes in it. Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, the Huffington Post, et cetera are all united in promoting blatant pseudoscience.

I have serious problems with a no liablity system, but aggressive litigation was killing the medical industry (and continues to do so). This is a situation in which there are advantages because experts in the field are weighing the issues instead of laymen.

Unfortunately the most passionate anti-vaccine are usually the most wrong, and unfortunately, the most influential on public opinion.

I agree with you that many products are very complicated to understand, and the public is ignorant of them as well and frivolous lawsuits are a factor. But for a variety of reasons, a perfect storm of superstition, religious dogma, anti-corporation sentiment and passionate and influential quacks, vaccines have taken a beating. Almost every vaccine maker in the United States stopped making vaccines because of the cost of relentless, unjustified litigation. Even today many vaccines lose money for the producer.

Which do you prefer?

Over protection of morons abusing the government courts to sue pharmaceutical companies to exinction?

Over protection of pharmaceutical companies to stop morons from aggressive litigation?

Aggressive legislation

Aggressive legislation killing the medical industry? The medical industry in the USA is a powerful effective cartel that has used government regulation, licensing, taxes, and other economic interventions over a 100 years for its own benefit. We see their success in their very high prices. Obamacare is yet another patch to keep this high priced cartel rolling strong by sucking even more out the pockets of the people by forcing more people to pay. Of course in the end, these companies will all be wiped out and the government will take over, but that's how dealing with the devil goes in the long term.

As to scientific ignorance, it abounds for all products, nobody is immune. Take a look at the automobile and all the hit pieces major mainstream media outlets have conducted over the years. Everything from NBC putting model rocket ignitors in Chevy gas tanks to consumer reports pushing a Suzuki harder and harder until it rolled. Oh and don't forget CBS and their piece on Audi and Mother Jones on the Pinto. And then the regulation..... but we still have cars.

Over protection? You're making the pro-vaccine leap of scientific ignorance. That vaccines have no risk and only benefit and that benefit is meaningful. This is the media message that is strongest. Get your flu vaccine. blah blah. This idea of risk free protection is absolutely false. Vaccines are also advertised as being the only way. Heaven forbid we use vitamin D instead of getting a flu vaccine that missed the mark.

Furthermore we have the government force vaccines on people as if we were livestock owned by the state. We don't get to pick and choose for ourselves. Why might some people react negatively to that? Why might they think something sinister is afoot?

Then there have been countless manufacturing errors with vaccines for use in the third world, but the media insists that people in the third world are just ignorant and superstitious when some populations now avoid vaccines. These manufacturing errors resulting in sterility, death, and other problems are not mentioned.

Now on top of this we have the overwhelming arrogance of scientists and those in the medical professions. They simply seem incapable of doing proper risk analysis for their products, something engineers must do. These sorts of science products from vaccines to GMO are put out with great risk with methods that would be substandard for a power tool at your local big box store. If their product liability costs are so high, it's because they aren't making product correctly and who's fault is that?

Instead we get marketing and coercion. Perhaps it's time to start making vaccines for free market customers. If your customers don't like Thiomersal you don't tell them they are ignorant rubes, you get the mercury compound out. If customers reject your product you make it better. But the arrogance won't allow for that, so we get what we have today.