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Comic Rob Schneider Explains That Americans Have No Right to Sue for Vaccine Injury

This video shows the REAL reason that vaccines are so contraversial. Because no one can get into a courtroom to proved how much damage the current vaccine program is causing.

Darrell Issa will be holding his second round of vaccine hearings in November, and this time he is looking at the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which is basically a kangaroo court that protects vaccine makers and throws disabled children and families of the deceased under the bus.

And because docs are also given liability protection, they do not have to give patients accurate safety information, or even know anything about a vaccine's safety. It is the ONLY product line in the country with such protection.

The Canary Party made a video primer on this corrupt program to illustrate for the public how they have been robbed of their rights, and to call their attention to these upcoming hearings.


Watch and share.

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I said aggressive LITIGATION.

Blah blah blah giant cartel blah blah conspiracy and so on.

When did I say that vaccines have "no risk?" Everything as a risk. The "vaccine court" system has even established a table for rare side effects that occur (one of which is NOT autism). Thousands of people have been paid out millions of dollars by the vaccine court. If you are wondering why you X side effect is not mentioned, it is likely because X side effect is a fanstasy accusation by someone in alternative medicine. I'm glad you brought up GMOs because the pseudoscience regarding those "dangers" is very similar to the vaccine alarmimim.

Manufactoring mistakes are extremely rare.

Seriously this "debate" is getting old. Do any of you guys ever read anything that contradicts your preconcieved notions before you start rambling on about the same crap over and over?


How about...


Also that part where you claim a 35 billion dollar product line, which is party of a multi-trillion dollar industry, needs protection from the parents of disabled and dead children is kind of hilarious.

Again... Not sure why you are on the Daily Paul.

2 words

Nice meaningless statement.

That is a perfect example of the anti-intellectual shit that has been dominating the Daily Paul.

"Regulatory caputure."


Did you even read what I wrote? Did you read David Gorski's article? I'm guessing that you did not and only watched the Youtube video, the preferred source of information for the anti-vaccine crowd.

It's not as simple as "regulatory capture." Does regulatory happen? Of course? Does regulatory capture happen in literally every aspect of society? YES. Does this 2 word phrase justify any of the anti-vaccine lunacy? NO. Does it change the science behind vaccines? NO.

Do you know that the vaccine court actually has a table for vaccine injuries for which people are compensated for?


omg they have a table?!

Conflict of interest resolved, can't make table without science. Thanks to your ad hominems for clearing that up.

Surgical oncologist David Gorski weighs in on the Canary Party


But of course Dr. Gorski is a "paid shill blah blah blah" or any other shit-throwing ad hominum attack people can come up with to justify their fallacious woo beliefs.


David Gorsky is a drug developer for vaccine maker Sanofi. And he hid that for more than five years while writing about vaccines and autism. While developing a drug for them with applications for autism. Until an expose uncovered his failure to disclose his very serious conflict of interest.

So yep... absolutely... he is a compromised source. Also a cancer surgeon, not an immunologist, neurologist, or autism specialist.

That is not a conflict of interest.

Based on on the work I have read by you, you are extremely dishonest and manipulative with your arguments. I don't give a damn if you are a fellow Ron Paul supporting freedom fighter or an "autism mother," you are spreading false information relentlessly and irresponsibly and I will not be silent about it.

The only way that Gorski (who I have never met) is even remotely a conflict of interest is if the fantasy that "vaccines cause autism" is true. This isn't true and it makes your accusation ridiculous.

I've been doing some research on digital scanners and implants. If you made the false accusation that "digital scanners and implants cause tooth decay," and I blogged that this is nonsense, am I suddenly at conflict of interest? HELL NO.

Science is apolitical. You are trying to politicize science and you are manipulating others using dipshit celebrities to spread your propaganda.

Yes it is...

If you are writing about scanners, while posing as a disinterested third party blogger, and failing to tell your readers about your work on scanners... that is failure to disclose a conflict of interest.

Gorski spent YEARS posing as "just a blogger who cares about the kids." I spent years talking to him as if he was a doctor who was just investigating this on the side, bearing his insults poor treatment, only to find out that he is a drug developer for the company that made the vaccine that gave my child brain damage.

Had I known that I would never have bothered contacting him in the first place.

His interest is in keeping Sanofi happy so his project continues... not my son's health.


Science is apolitical?

Wow, I thought you were just driven mad by a misplaced sense of secular evangelism, but after hearing this ridiculously false and bone-headed statement I think I have to put you in the "raging cultist" category. I love a good conspiracy theory about how widespread stupidity is on the verge of destroying society, but you are about as out there as the secret reptilian cult conspiracy stuff in regards to your inane statements and directionless rants.

Nothing is apolitical. Not science, not religion, nor anything else, especially not in the case of America.

“My attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.” - G.K. Chesterton

Vaccines are controversial bc of widespread science illiteracy

The anti-vaccine people can be broken down into generalized, overlapping groups.

Some people are unwavering adherents of the naturalistic fallacy (totally unaware that it is a fallacy.)

Others are relentless contrarians that oppose anything mainstream, conventional, or establishment.

Some are extreme right wingers who believe first in foremost in religous dogma and oppose science that contradicts it. Others are extreme left-wingers who have adopted the New Age movement. These two groups are amazingly similar.

Very few advocates have a strong (or any background) in relelvant sciences. When an MD or DO or DDS or PhD comes out in support of woo, they are worshipped as gods of truth, even though they often flagrantly contradict each other.

It is obvious to those paying attention that the most passionate alternative medicine advocates have spent far more time preaching their superstitious beliefs than actually attempting to study and understand the concepts they so strongly oppose.

All in all, some alternative medicine advocates are well-intentioned and misguided, while others are manipulative charlatans. Some of these manipulative charlatans are sane, like Joe Mercola, and others are batshit insane, like Mike Adams.


Bread is responsible for mass sterilization and apricots cure cancer! Flu shots are for altering the brain's chemical balance unnaturally, which forces them to shop for unnatural mass produced tools of enslavement, like GTA5! All for 'Christmas', which is totally a pagan ritual or something. Are you so blind that you can't see this?!?! It's probably because you bought into laser surgery (anything made after 1920 is evil, after all), which altered your DNA to make your body more compatible with any shape-shifting reptiles that wish to inhabit it if they haven't already...'Delysid'. This obviously explains why you changed your username.

Go back to watching FAUX NEWZ and being brainwashed by the aspirin-industrial complex, Mengele! Now excuse me while I google fancy medical terms and self-assess my way through the Red Pill Institute OF THE MIND.

PS: Marijuana cures literally every ailment ever and anyone who disagrees is a troll hellbent on destroying FREEDOM.

A signature used to be here!

So then...

Do you believe that the government should be able to pass a law removing the rights of Americans for redress of grievances?

Under any circumstances?

Even in the death or massive disabling of their child?

If so, how do you exactly belong on the Daily Paul?

Weird. I've been reading that people have been compensated.

It says here that not only have people been compensated for injury by vaccines, but the average payout is $824,462.


Dr. Gorski claims that you are furious that the government and every other governming body declared that vaccines do not cause autism.

I think this is a fair assesment of the situation. You are determined to prove that vaccines caused autism in your child. Is this it?

You are making one dishonest claim after another. Fortunately for you people love a liar as long as they are cheering on the things they like.

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cash payments for known harm?
sooo,they pay out for harm caused,does this sound kind of weird?
strange? out of the ordinary? If things are known,then why not just
pull it from the market?
If it as not known before hand,then why were big pharma given
immunity from prosecution?
BTW,it is a conflict of interest to be involved in creating vaccines
making money from it,then go and write how safe they all are

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

All vaccines are "Unavoidably Unsafe."

You strike at the heart of the problem here.

To get the liability protection that they wanted, Pharma went to Congress and said, "Look... these vaccines are causing harm and death to some, and we don't want the liability, so just let's all admit that they will harm and kill some people, and let the government pay damages (via a tax, so let the people pay damages) and then we will keep making these shots.

So what Pharma/Medicine lobbied for, and filed briefs in SCOTUS again for in 2010, is for ALL FDA APPROVED VACCINES to be labeled, "Unavoidably Unsafe," which means that they cannot be made safe for their intended use.

If a car is made with a badly designed gas tank and ten cars blow up killing 15 people, that car gets yanked from the market. Not so with vaccines. As soon as the FDA approves them, they are tagged "Unavoidably Unsafe," and stay on the market, even after tens of thousands of reports of injury and death (Gardasil is up above 25,000 injuries and more than 100 deaths).

Those children (and adults) are considered acceptable losses in the "war on disease".

But if they have been drafted into a war, should they not be treated as the wounded heros? Physically and medically cared for, as they are the ones who took the bullet so others could be protected from deadly disease?

No. Our children are neglected by the medical system, and our families are attacked for reporting our vaccine injury.

Just look at the way Delysid behaves on this thread. The insults.

My son actually has all the symptoms of "encephalopathy" (brain damage) caused by the Pertussis vaccine, that are listed on the VICP table that he refers to. (And which just happen to be the same symptoms for which a child get's diagnosed with "autism") Yet we will never be compensated, and are treated like shit by him (and Gorski).

I allowed my child to have a product that Pharma and FDA called "Unavoidably Unsafe," he suffered the exact brain damage that HHS says can happen from this shot, he was diagnosed with "autism" because almost no doc has ever even read the vaccine talble (because they have no liability and do not even have to know the symptoms of a vaccine injury, much less know to diagnose one), and I am now an "anti-science" liar.

Please take great care in making vaccine decisions for your children. I do not want anyone ever treated as our family has been treated by this corrupt system, or by heartless, biased, uninformed medical professionals like the one camping out on this thread.

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the fed gov

for the most part,has always used the people as guinea pigs
as if they have the right to play god,or pick who lives,dies
or gets maimed
This is no different,save for the fact,they are now targeting
the young and impressionable
I am sorry to hear about your child,I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
I can totally agree with your comments about treating them as causalities
But,it won't get looked at that way,that would mean,yes,there is a problem
and the people should get more of a recourse (like pull it from the shelves)
This will not get done,as it would lay the liability where it belongs,and would expose their guilt and crimes against humanity.

You might have noticed the one i asked the questions to,didn't respond
or acknowledge i asked,Don't worry,he won't do that,never does anymore
I thinks it is the pointed questions and comments i make,but he says
He can't understand what i type,now this can't be true,You understood me :)
as well as others here and there.
I have friends here who's children got the gardasil shots,now, one can't have children,and has almost constant pain down there,this was after i gave them the info about it,they did it anyways !!
Again,i am really sorry to hear about your child,it pains to read that
you might try to see if colloidal silver will help with the symptoms,it
certainly cannot hurt
oops,i forgot,your comment about insults,i have found when people resort to that tactic,usually do not have anything to offer,so i just dismiss them as being wrong,or even knowing anything
you have a nice day

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Excellent video!

Thank you, Ginger, and all of the Canary Party, for all you do.

I had the privilege of meeting Mark Blaxill when he spoke at an event in Houston a couple of years ago, along with Dan Olmsted and Andrew Wakefield, who just so happens to be a hero of mine.

Very good indeed


Wish I could draw like that. Must be a left handed thing ;)