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So Video Was Released From The Navy Yard Shooting...

It's very interesting that video was released from that shooting whereas we never got video from Sandy Hook or the 9/11 Pentagon footage. And heck, despite the official story of the JFK assassination saying that it was a lone wolf, there are still thousands of classified documents just under 50 years later.

That doesn't mean the Navy Yard shooter wasn't mentally controlled (he might have been). It's just that it's interesting how the different events get treated by the government and what it reveals about them.

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I think publicity is one of the most powerful factors that encourage mass murderers.

I'm all for a free press and full disclosure, but I'm concerned this video only adds a new element of encouragement---there are no doubt a few mentally imbalanced people out there replaying these videos at this very moment and getting a vicarious rush as they imagine themselves running and ducking around the hallways like the Naval Yard shooter. Sadly, it could be just the nudge one of them needs to act on his impulses.

While the media is all too keen on curtailing the 2nd Amendment, perhaps they should be more judicious in how they exercise the 1st.

I was waiting for the OC bombing videos...

and recently, the FBI said they would release the videos, but now they say they "lost" them.


What exactly is the word "so" accomplishing in this post's title?

My dear friends in liberty, a linguistic plague is sweeping the land. Hatched several years ago in the science and academic realms, it has insidiously spread to the point where Americans of all walks of life are needlessly starting sentences with "so."

Not as much a menace as our foreign policy, the war on drugs or the ever more powerful federal government, but I can no longer stand silently by as it now leaps from spoken language to the printed word.


The message is more important than the grammar.

Down voted for being a grammar nazi.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

Or maybe, "Grammar IDF."

I meekly accept your penalty (which is why I will not suggest that "down-voted" should feature a hyphen or that Nazi, as a proper noun, should be capitalized.)

Haha, let me explain

The "so" was intended to convey "so let me get this straight". Essentially if we "play along w/ the official narrative of events", I'm wondering why the video from Sandy Hook could not be shown (national security?) while the video from the Navy Yard was shown.

Personally, I'm thinking that the fact they showed the Navy Yard footage indicates that, even if it's a false flag, the people behind it are confident enough to show the video. Contrast that to Sandy Hook where there were plenty of calls to see the video but (to my knowledge) it hasn't been released.

But, in short, that "so" was no accident.

SWAT ordered to stand down

It quickly faded from the news, but here in DC there's an investigation going on as to why the quick-response SWAT team, who arrived at the scene almost immediately, was ordered to stand down and who ordered it.

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This video was released because...

there was nothing "fishy" about it.

It it were all a setup you would see nothing.

ergo, sandy hoax, the pentagon, aurora, etc.

Notice there is NO mention whatsoever, though, about his heavy prescribed drug abuse.

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"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.


So, the US can release footage of Navy yard shooter going on a rampage but not footage of the Boston Marathon?

Even though they claim to have it and even Gov. Deval Patrick said they did. He said it was a done deal. Everything on video. All tied up nice with a pretty pink ribbon.

Asked if he saw it, he stuttered and said, no, actually he hadn't seen ANYTHING!

You would think FBI would be showing that stuff and bragging how good they were.

They put enough of it out there!

They want us to know EVERYTHING about this guy.
Every detail.
Every move
It's so staged and packaged.
It's like a commercial for gun control.
But no mention of the drugs he was on.
No mention of how easily he got his clearance

I want to spit!

Isn't it odd that there is absolutely no Sandy Hook

video released - not even video from a business security camera showing him driving the Honda that morning.

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