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Looking for liberty minded job advice!

Hope all is well with everyone. I have posted on the site before and asked about the coast guard etc. I now have another question about a career. I have read a topic about being in a contradictory job but it just didn't get my question quite answered.
My situation:
I've spent the last year in emt and firefighting school and now it has come down to applying for jobs. I have gotten my first interview and it is looking like a sure winner for me to get the job as the pay is little compared to big cities. They scheduled my interview basically the day I applied and the interview is before application deadline. Anyway, I feel like I'm contradicting my political philosophy as I'll be in a government job with decent benefits such as healthcare. The pay isn't great but it'll pay the bills. Heck I've done public work for municipalities most of my working life from street to parks department (I'm 21). Part of me really wants out of the public sector because of my philosophy but I don't know what else to do. I like serving people but really don't have any inherests. Firefighting just sounded exciting and Id get to serve people and my country. It seems a lot who share my philosophy also frown on public service such as fire roads etc (benefits and pay to high). So my question what are some libertarian minded jobs? I like the outdoors but other than that my interests are slim to none. I'm thinking about trying to be a farmer and cowboy but that's difficult to get into (have to know somebody) and is somewhat govt funded if you think about it. I have some college but no degree and live in bfe as of now (I like it that way haha) so college is kinda out of the question due to location. Any advice? Stick with firefighting as a career or should I look for more libertarian minded jobs (I can't think much of any).

Thanks in advance. It appreciated.

Sorry if this is in the wrong spot. I had no idea where to put it.

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I'm in texas so the oilfield

I'm in texas so the oilfield is always an option but I want family life too. That's #1 priority.

I don't think there is truly a moral issue

when taking government employment (at least for a job that is not directly harmful to people). The entire system is part free and part coerced, and there is no way to eliminate the intermingling. For instance we all use government funded roads, and many of us use government provided student financial aid. It is literally not possible to not take part in the spoils.

There is certainly a PRACTICAL issue, however, and that is that the checks the government sends out will soon, to quote the dear Dr., "be worthless." Therefore it would always be wise to have a backup plan. The most important commodity to have access to, when the heavy inflation occurs, will be food. If you are in a big city, it might be wise to move to a more rural area, where, if not raising your own food, you can at least be able to barter with a farmer or rancher.

What State are you in?

if I might ask, it does make a difference as to what sort of jobs are available

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Some good ideas. And yes that

Some good ideas. And yes that shrine is ridiculous. I don't see why any department would need that. My gross salary before taxes is 25k a year it's a very small department (maybe 2 runs every 24 hours on average, some days more). Just really having moral/philosophical conflict with the interview quickly approaching.

6 ice chests and...

The faces that light up when you deliver old home-bound folks their groceries every week for under the table tips. I loved doing this. Just had to get over losing one once in awhile.

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Find a productive job and

Volunteer as a fireman if that is what gives you intrinsic value. 71% of firemen around the nation are volunteers. In Orange county California our fire "authority" robs the taxpayers blind. The average salary $140,000 when only 1% of all calls are actually fire related.

They are so arrogant. Here is the multi million dollar shrine they built for these over privileged children that sit around all day .



shrine is a symptom of an inflationary currency. Our whole local/natl government is based on a super inflated currency that has to go somewhere to keep the economy going, so it largely goes into building public projects like that shrine.

As for firefighter's salary it's the same thing. Everything is over inflated because goods and services, like health/education etc. are over inflated. But 140K is not that much I don't think for a job where you know you have to rush INTO a burning building you might not come out of.

140K is huge for a 20 something kid.

You see they play an overtime game here in OC. These guys double their salaries with overtime. Whenever there is a brush fire in California they always play the 90% contained game for about two weeks after the fire is pretty much contained looking for "hot" spots. It is a known racket amongst firemen as I know a couple and they just laugh at the whole thing.

There is

nothing wrong with being a policeman or firefighter. These are both positions local cities make good use of.

The problem with government is not really at the local level. Well, it is when corruption gets out of control, mixed with an inflationary currency, where the city ends up like Detroit. BUT if a city ran only on sound money, like gold, there would be far less waste & fraud because people would feel it in their pocketbooks before politicians could get away with it.

That's the problem we have on both a local and national government level (and the national govt level is a gigantic problem, nearing the end by currency destruction).

So you can be a libertarian and be a firefighter without feeling guilty. That's not where your fellow citizens get robbed. Firefighters provide real value, and if you think they don't provide enough value, use your career and stability to educate your neighbors on the benefits of doing away with public firefighting and start your own private firefighting company :) You win win, either way.

I install satellite internet.

I install satellite internet. My job is bringing information to people.


Can you get huge capital?

I have a way to take over the whole rural dial up internet market. What is available is way too high. The technology is there to make it duplex and make it high-speed. Interested?

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I am in a rural area buy high

I am in a rural area buy high speed internet has already made its way to the little city and satellite/ verizon is huge out in the country

I understand

I was conflicted during my job search, too. My previous background was in banking, so after a while with no offers I applied to some banks... I also applied for a 911 operator position. I received offers from both of those, and I was going to take the 911 operator position until I finally received an offer from another company which pays a little less but it's in the private sector. I start that job on Monday.

My thoughts... do what you have to do to support yourself, but keep looking for something you know you'll be happy with... that's what my plan was.

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You could probably volunteer for an organization you like

It would be unpaid but maybe that role would grow over time. If I get laid off, that's something I'm going to think about doing.