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One Million Truckers Ride to Restore the Constitution Going Viral

So far 130 Facebook shares in the first day, interest is building across the country...American Spring! By all accounts, at the new website and in search engines, Facebook's dirty tricks did nothing to stop momentum.


'One Million Truckers' ride to restore Constitution next month

Having had their Facebook page shut down by Facebook administrators earlier this month, a group spearheaded by the Independent Truckers of America is calling for a three-day 'buy nothing' period from October 11 - 13.

On these days, the truckers will descend upon Washington, DC, in heavy rigs with signs calling for the restoration of a constitutional republic. The truckers are demanding that congressmen obey their oath to "defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Supporters of the action say that members of congress must obey their oath or resign.

After Facebook shut down the group's Facebook page entitled "Truckers To Shutdown America," which had reached 86,000 "likes," the truckers opened a new website, RideForTheConstitution.org. A second Facebook page has since been reopened under the new title "Truckers Ride For The Constitution." (Cached screenshot of previous Facebook page.)

Among the points made at the Facebook page before it was shut down was: "The banksters need to be thrown in jail. They must be stopped from stealing trillions of dollars from our country."

A complete manifesto published at the new website includes the grievances:

c) "We now support Al Qaeda. This must end immediately. We have lost thousands of lives fighting Al Qaeda, now we need to arrest people like Obama and McCain for aiding them. We should do this on behalf of all the men and women who have given their lives for our country."
e) The criminals who are responsible for stealing trillions from our country need to be thrown in jail...
f) Our elected officials have allowed the NDAA to become law. This horrifying legislation that most Americans don’t know much about has converted our country from a free country to a tyrannical one. This is fact; not theory. The NDAA must be repealed along with any other unconstitutional legislation.
i) There are so many cover-ups it is almost impossible to list them here. Benghazi, Seal Team 6 Six, Osama Bin Laden death, drug running (CIA) and gun running by the US Justice Department (Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious). These must be investigated, and people need to be brought to justice. "

... Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/358989

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