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CNN headline : Surprise! Obamacare foe Cruz votes with Democrats on spending plan

UPDATE: They've taken it off the top of the page at least. (By the way -- 24994 comments so far. Most believing the lie in the headline.)

I'm sure there will eventually be a retraction to be found in a link hidden in a margin with text color to match the background.

Cruz was abundantly clear that he would vote to proceed with the bill, but would vote against cloture and the end of debate on Friday.

Here's a more accurate source as to what anyone who actually listened to some of his speech heard last night:

This sounds confusing — after all, Cruz just spent nearly an entire day railing against passage of the bill. But this was Cruz's plan all along. He opposes invoking cloture to end debate on the bill — that vote will come either Friday or Saturday.

Here's what Cruz said on the Senate floor Tuesday (emphasis added):

"The central vote the Senate will take on this fight will not occur today and it will not occur tomorrow. The first vote we are going to take on this is a vote on what is called cloture on the motion to proceed. Very few people not on this floor have any idea what that means and even, I suspect, a fair number of people on this floor are not quite sure what that means. That will simply be a vote whether to take up this bill and to begin debating this bill. I expect that vote to pass overwhelmingly, if not unanimously. Everyone agrees we ought to take this up, we ought to start this conversation.

The next vote we take will occur on Friday or Saturday and it will be on what is called cloture on the bill. That is the vote that matters. Cloture on the bill, the vote Friday or Saturday, is the vote that matters.

Because the cloture vote has now passed, there's now a 30-hour shot clock in the Senate that allows for debate on the bill.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/government-shutdown-ted-cruz-...

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Mike Lee describes it

Mike Lee describes it fairly well in this interview with Laura Ingraham just after the
8 minute mark... [cue to 3m26sec for longer bit]...

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Jeez... there are some

Jeez... there are some ignorant comments on that site.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

What has been won by both recent filibuster efforts

Is a rising education of the American People.

Certainly in the propaganda they face, and in the Constitution as well.

The discussion that goes on afterward is our job.

Bump because it's a giant, top of page, headline error/lie

on front page