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Have you met America's #1 power couple?

John McCain and his girlfriend, Lindsay Graham. Keep an eye on these movers and shakers.

While freedom lovers fight the good fight, these two darlings have dinner with Chairman Mao and his wife at the white house.

The fabulous John & Lindsay have sold their souls for hope, change and genocide all around the planet.

Really, have you not heard the latest? Please try to keep up, it's 2013, it is now trendy to kill brown people all over the planet.

Obviously, you are not hip enough to understand the complexity of genocide in 2013, but John, Lindsay and Chairman Mao are hip to the game. What makes it O.K. you ask? Well, let me clue you in.

First, you must be half black and half white, this makes genocide "cool" with everyone.

Second, you must be a Nobel Peace Prize winner, then you can drop peace bombs and literally love the brown people to death.

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