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Ted Cruz, Harry Reid Spar on Senate Rules. This is Leadership. Regardless who does it.

And this was near the end, after 21+ hours.


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Ted Cruz the man!

Ted Cruz the man!

Harry, the boxer, was

trying to throw a sucker punch during the last thirty minutes hoping Ted was too tired to hit back. Reid thought he could confuse Ted about the time he had left and procedure but alas, Reid underestimated his opponent. Ted stopped him cold. Hearing Reid ask Cruz to let McCain have fifteen minutes to talk was disgusting. Those two need to walk hand in hand off into the sunset.

I also think there was an 'offer and acceptance' issue,

Reid thinking he wears a crown tried to offer something, or merely suggest the extra hour to include McCain (perhaps to steal the rest of Cruz's time)

I'm very proud of Cruz's performance. So much that this might be a significant point of where the old guard became aware that they were wearing transparent suits and the dog is tugging at the curtain.)

This is an excellent exchange

that may not mean much to the layman that has NEVER owned a book on ROR.

I'm still very much a layman, but I did buy the book and have been involved for awhile. This is a perfect example of total 'defeatage' to Reid, by a very savvy competitor.