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Aaaron "No Motive" Alexis. ReviewManify Breaks it Down


ReviewManify points out important things in this video. MSM called this video "chilling". It's a man running around with a shotgun in an empty hallway. No shooting, just creeping around.


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ReveiwManify said on facebook:

Now that we have the footage...check out this article...One quote is..
"They issued descriptions of two suspects, one said to have been a white man wearing a navy-style khaki uniform and carrying a pistol, the second described as black and wearing a drab olive military uniform and carrying a rifle."

Why did they think that??

Also here's this..
"Two other civilian patients were women: one shot in her shoulder, the other in her head and hand. The second woman's head wound was not serious: "She is a very, very, lucky young lady," Orlowski said."

Some things to keep in mind..