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Who Was Granger? And Why Does She Hate Michael Nystrom?

Her personal message from her account.

"Personal Statement
I am ashamed to have associated with Michael Nystrom and his HATE blog, Daily Paul, because they hate and blame Israel for everything. I LOVE ISRAEL and stand with Israel."


All I can say, is if she is real I hope she finds peace. But peace doesn't come without respecting the truth.

God Bless you Granger, I wish you well.

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Granger was either a

Granger was either a troll(which was admitted because of her "troll" profile picture) or the most deranged low function conspiratorial psychotic in the history of internet's haha.

Ventura 2012

I've butted heads more than once with Granger

and can honestly say I doubted her sanity or her comprehension of reality. That said I still think she had a niche here. The old saying...keep your friends close but your enemies closer, comes to mind. We all encounter daily experiences that try our patience and I looked upon her as just one more to deal with, no harm done. I viewed her much as I would an autistic child who has their mind set upon an unreasonable goal. Turning our backs, or even worse indiscriminately attacking anything they set forth, on anyone who disagrees with us is the height of political exclusion and not worthy of us.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Its like saying

Because I hate bananas! I no longer eat fruit...

I have been here a long ass time...

I dont hate Israel. Not at all. Im not a conspiracy theorist.

I also blocked Granger. I couldn't take it long ago. Got tired of going in circles and shouting behavior.

I do hope she finds some peace.. she certainly looked for enough fights.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

The Granger means The Farmer.

To be fair she doesn't say she hates Michael Nystrom. She says she is ashamed to have been associated with him and with the Daily Paul because, she implies, of the hatred she has experienced here. There is a difference.

I remember when she told us that her pseudonym meant farmer and this was her occupation. She often talked about tending her animals.

She was a member for six plus years and like everyone else she was on a journey. This means she changed as she experienced more and learned more. She was also dyslexic which means she had difficulty reading, spelling and expressing her opinions clearly.

She was a political activist and worked on many third party political campaigns over many years including those of Ralph Nader I believe and the Libertarian Party. This is why she came to the conclusion that the third party route to political influence was a waste of time and why she followed Ron Paul's wishes and joined the Republican Party. In order to be a committee member she had to support the party nominee for President and that was Romney. She took a lot of flak for that decision but in doing this she was also following Rand Paul who endorsed Romney. Personally I respected her for doing what she believed she had to do to make inroads in the GOP and she has been completely consistent in that.

In the past year she took time to do research on Israel and from what she said I gather she ignored all the articles and videos opposed to Israel, presumably because she was already anti-Israel, and focused on reading only articles and viewing videos that were supportive of Israel. Not surprisingly, given her temperament, she then became a fervid Israel lover who refused to hear anything remotely critical of her new love. She also began attending a Messianic temple and had conversations with the leader of the congregation there that would no doubt serve to reinforce her new faith. She used to attend a Roman Catholic church but I believe she is now going to the Messianic temple, in accordance with her new beliefs.

There is no one more firm in their faith than a new convert and they will usually be just as firmly opposed to their previous beliefs for the same reason. This is patently true of The Granger who changed her pseudonym to I LOVE ISRAEL and her sig line from I Stand With Rand to I Stand With Israel.

That is my admittedly limited understanding of the situation and it is not impossible that after some time she may return with a more balanced approach once the infatuation with Israel and all things Jewish has faded. This process will be enhanced by her not having to defend her beliefs in hand-to-hand combat here at the DP.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

After spending a month

or two in Gaza she would probably became a new Ahmedinedzhad :)

David Robertson

Your assessment for the most part is correct.

On a personal note, Granger is a true and good soul. Though she and I may disagree on some things, I have learned a great deal from The Granger, and hope to continue. I hope that the feeling is mutual.

Btw, when I first saw this thread last night, I voted it down. My stance remains.

Who knows, someday she and I may have wings and/or tea together :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Agree with both you and DR.

Agree with both you and DR. Just because we mostly disagreed on one thing (upon which she was constantly harping) we agreed on many things. Unfortunately, many people here seemed to be quite vitriolic in their responses to her, which she could not help but take personally. I think much of what she was doing was good. I think lately she went off a deep end, but will not decry her motives. Granger is not, and never was a troll. She just has some strong opinions, which I do not hold. I hope she finds peace, and balance. Whatever else, she cares.

Actually, Crickett, many of her own vitriolic comments

early on were aimed directly at me and, at times, one or two others, without her mentioning any of us by name. They were meant for those of us she was aiming at to take very personally, indeed. I know you had no way of knowing that. I always chose to ignore the bait she put out in her temper tantrums, as she was only trying to drag me into a flaming war on DP. When that didn't work, she targeted the one or two others. So, the vitriol she received from the community, was the blowback from the vitriol in her comments. That antagonism grew, as other people here did not accept her new ideas and fall into line with her. The bottom line that destroyed our friendship is that I did not embrace Zionism with arms opened. I don't recall ever having said anything against Jews or the Israeli people, nor do I blame the people for the evil being perpetrated by the government and their agents against Muslims living in the ME.

Again, Granger is a very loving person who is living with mental illness due to unresolved and unrelated issues. No one, and I do mean NO ONE, wants her to find peace and balance more than I do. She is a gentle, caring, soul and she is hurting badly. She needs to seek professional counseling outside of the DP community. Using DP as an emotional crutch wasn't helping her.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

In my opinion, Granger's whole agenda is to make a mockery...

...of us and the DailyPaul.

Her big thing is/was Israel which some consider the 51st state of the United States.

But I consider the U.S. to now be the 2nd state of Israel.

They say jump and we say how high?

The Rothchilds have won - just like the bankers always do.

I contend it was a big mistake for the U.S. to create the country of Israel in 1947 because our founders told us not to to things like that.

Ane we will pay the price forever.

Bear in mind that Israel is not nor has it ever been a free state. It is a state based on a religion. They have no interest in diversity of creed or beliefs. They are a racist nation based on the definition of racism.

I have nothing against anyone who is Jewish.

I just don't think we should have had a hand in creating any nation - let alone one founded soley on a religious belief.

That is the opposite of what the USA was based on where everyone was welcome regardless of ethnicity, creed, country of origin, religion, or any other differences we may have.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

US sock puppets of Rothschild gave

Puppets do at they are told. US had no ownershp to give. US puppets do as ordered and did as ordered by the ROthschild invaders of the Arab muslim world. The Rothschild exploited the Jewish fiction and expanded on it to stoke the fires of relligious wars.

It would be as if the Rothschilds funded a war against the non native american population of USA. The arguement would be the American Indian was given this land by their god before the european invasion. Sounds like the exact same story line dont it.

Yet these IzUnReal lovers just cant see the wrong here.

I do agree with your statements just would like to add it was not the support of the people of the USA that created that invasion by despots. Also mention of those who were driven out of the area that was invaded.


Re: Israel

"It is a state based on a religion. They have no interest in diversity of creed or beliefs. They are a racist nation based on the definition of racism."

Exactly, Israel is an apartheid theocracy, nothing less.

So every country must be

multicultural and embrace every one and everything no matter what?

You liberals just kill me. Your brains have been washed thoroughly. Individuals are welcome as long as they are just like everyone else.

You're talking about Israel, right?

"Individuals are welcome as long as they are just like everyone else."

And by "...just like everyone else." you mean Jewish, right?


Its just the invasion of ones property and theft of same. Its the genocide of those that are not of the superior race, religion, etc.

Perhaps your brain is washed to support such despots.

People who support genocide just amaze me.


My first...

...recollection of Granger was her chastising us last year for becoming delegates for Romney, Santorum, etc. during the campaign, even those of us with the intention of honoring our pledges to the extent we were bound, with the hope that we might be eventually freed up in Tampa to vote our consciences. Regardless of how frustrating it was to try to convince of her of things on a range of topics after that, I still appreciated the opportunity she presented to at least try to hone some arguments and thoughts in my own mind in the process of trying to communicate.

It is kind of strange to be unsure of who a person really is, behind the mask of a digital screen name -- guess that's true for all of us here. I remember when I first came here I was called a troll a few times while trying to figure out where I stood on some issues as a relatively new Liberty advocate. :) Whoever she really is, I pray she will be guided by Love and truth in whatever path she takes, and that she will find her way back to whatever initial passion for Liberty and non-interventionism she supposedly once entertained.

I believe she was a shill.

I had one encounter with 'her'. I mentioned "I used to be pro-Israel, then my eyes opened". She immediately countered: "I used to be anti-Israel, going to demonstrations etc, but then my eyes opened, we're so alike!".

You're never sure... But my feeling is that the person (male/female) writing it simply had fun shilling at that moment. Once your eyes are opened, you don't like Israel and you'll never look back. It would be like believing in Santa again.

Nobody here knows 'her' personally, correct? It could be an idea for DP-ers to meet eachother once in a blue moon, just for creating a network of real people (as opposed to paid trolls).

Never met her but, we did communicate outside of DP.

I can tell you she has a heart of gold and is a very loving, caring soul. Something happened. I don't know what but, I suspect Hagee had a lot to do with it. She got so sidetracked about all things Israel that she lost her grasp on reality, suddenly considered me her enemy and spouted the most foul vitriol at me that I had to "walk away". Like you, I wondered whether she was a paid agent or maybe she was mentally ill. After the very recent passing of my beloved husband, the love of my life, The Granger did leave me a comment on fonta's post asking for prayers for me, and I also received a lovely sympathy card with religious (Catholic) enclosures in the mail from her. Now, in this post, I read that she changed her statement to one of hate filled anger and I realize something is very, very wrong.

I have come to the conclusion that she is a beautiful women whose soul has been tortured because of her great capacity for love and because of recurring mental illness. I just wish more people would have realized that and ignored her outbursts and attention seeking here. Then maybe, just maybe, she would have questioned herself and sought help.

Granger, if you are lurking here, as your friend I beg you to please seek professional help. You are much too good a person to live with demons in your head.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Thank you, Nonna, for sharing

I would have liked to have had the chance to speak with The Granger on a plethora of topics ... but I had no desire to engage her on topics of religion or politics. After attending a religious university in the mid 1980's and receiving my fair share of intolerance while there, you could say I am now intolerant of intolerance. ;-)

I hope The Granger finds solace and can move on with her life. I have been a member of various online forums over the last decade and a half. The Daily Paul has been the most rewarding for me of all ... seriously.

Thanks for keeping us on our toes, The Granger. Best of luck to you. No hard feelings from this DP'er.

just realized how many of you Daily Paulers

Just realized how many of you Daily Paulers are the watchmen for this community. I'm sure you guys could tell some stories on many trolls. I find this such an exciting culture to learn for humor, for fun, for education, sorry to go on, I'm starting to find the troll experience very entertaining with humorous ideas. Then again if I think about it little bit more on their fake disguise, it's not to funny, but there is humor to be had. Peace, Love, & Liberty

kind people rock

Did she leave? I disagreed with her, but lots of y'all acted

like vultures circling around her. Mean boy posts about her. You can disagree on the comments, but I saw so many posts ABOUT her in the titles.

The Mods say in the mod box they don't tolerate it, but they let every mean boy post about her stay...and they delete others about other people.

ralph, there's a reason for that

Granger created controversy. Whether purposely or inadvertently, she created controversy. She would argue without end, nonsensically at times, and in extremely long paragraphs.

I'm not saying that in order to be a member here you need to agree with the masses; that's completely opposite of what I think Michael wanted to create this website for, but Granger could never "agree to disagree".

She always had to have the last the word and every argument had to end on her terms. She was extremely difficult to have a civil conversation with.

Yes, she did all that you said, but for so many posts with her

name in the title, most negative, I thought was mean spirited. You can argue and disagree with anything she said. I disagreed with almost everything she said, but to let people put up negative posts with her name in the titles I thought was wrong. The mods say it won't be tolerated, but left them up. It encouraged people to do it all the time with with her.

And we don't really know people's stories about their lives. Someone mentioned mental illness. Those posts with her name in the titles probably didn't help much.

It was wrong to let those posts go up in the first place. I was just reading in the mod suggestion box the other day someone wondering why something had been deleted. It was because some post had gone up picking on someone. Their name was in the title. I can't remember the details, but it was said posts like that aren't tolerated here. They should have put in parentheses (Except if it's about Granger it's OK)

Agreed. Sometimes she made

Agreed. Sometimes she made true statements which were downvoted. That is kind of silly.

she veered off course when she joined the GOP

Funny to see this post 'cause just yesterday I was thinking how I haven't seen any posts from her lately.
Although I haven't been here that long, I remember she was pretty much ok around the time she had her eye operation - that was why she made a lot of typos.
But then she joined the CAGOP and instead of infiltrating them and advancing liberty they infiltrated her heart and mind and she was never the same. I guess CA + GOP might make anyone a bit off.
And she's Catholic, BTW. At least that's what she said she was.
I wish her the best and may she one day return to the light side.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Granger Posts were bizarre, but

he/she and I never got into it because I never (I think) responded to her/his posts.

I did read a ton of them though, and never felt I had anything to add without spitting venom in return.

To me, a war of venom vs venom is a war not worth engaging.

I want Peace and Liberty, and maybe some gold, but that's it.

I say, since apparently Granger is in the DP graveyard, let it RIP there and let's resume more interesting dialogue

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

One thing granger never needed, or wanted, was anyone's help

She knew exactly what she was doing, right from the pseudo cracker-barrel, homespun philosophy, to the absurd grammatical errors, the intent was unwavering.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

Good riddance

Didn't know she is gone, but based on this info....won't be missed. I hate commenting personally on individual users, but have to admit she was THE ONLY SINGLE divisive user I commented about in Mod Box few months back, simply because I couldn't take her hypocrisy anymore.

Had few run-ins with her in Alan Douchowitz Dershowitz - Norman Finkelstein & related threads. She claimed she "respected me", but I believe those were hollow words. I suspected that she was either:

* an intentional divisive plant of Zionist statists AND/OR
* uttely lost & confused

It was impossible to take any of her drivel seriously after she called disgusting scum Dershowitz "an honorable scholar" & kept defending taxation of American serfs to fund white phosphorus usage by Israeli defence forces. Hard to stoop lower than that. Also impossible to understand dichotomy in mind of such person, about how could she even be drawn to philosophy of liberty, Austrian economoics, Ron Paul & related contradictions.

In closing, it wasn't worth slightest effort trying to comprehend contradictions in her confused/convoluted mind. Will definitely not be missed.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

Granger was pretty much the

Granger was pretty much the worst troll DP has ever seen.

The term troll

implicitly means there is some sort of intent to sabotage
and I don't see any evidence that that was the case with Granger.

Think Northern California hippie/eccentric - she has some serious
health issues also, I think. I've disagreed with her often enough
but she barely registers on the obnoxiousness scale compared to some
of the real trolls that have hung around here on occasion...