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Kenya Mall Massacre, something very fishy

So yesterday, I was going through one of those very long dailymail.com posts.

You know, their endless scroll thing they do whenever something like this happens. Think Boston, where so many conspiracy theorists got their original pics to aggregate, enhance, analyze etc.

I am beginning to see that this pattern is consistent beyond common sense.

As I was scrolling down, I paid note to one particular image and I am kicking myself in the ass right now for not taking a screen grab right then.

And for that, I apologize to you all.

You will see an edited (by DailyMail) image in a moment, but the story first.

In the original timeline last night, which I was browsing back and forth while listening to Ted Cruz and Mike Lee tell the truth to the world, I saw an image on DailyMail.com that immediately grabbed my attention.

It was a white guy (40ish), running away from the mall with a white woman (late 30's) and and a young white girl (early teens).

The original caption was "Husband leads his family to safety during mall attack"

I always zoom in on pics like this because the facial emotions intrigue me to no extent. It's how I relate.

But I noticed the gun in his belt and thought it was odd. More than odd.

Again, self face slap for not screen grabbing it. Not for the pic. It's still on DailyMail but now his face is blurred and the narrative on DM has completely changed.

I should have grabbed the narrative and more importantly, his FACE. Just in case he's been around other nefarious acts lately.

Just too many 'agents' around too many happenings lately

New Narrative: He's now a former British Spec Ops guy who was just having a coffee, just happened to be there when this went down and just happened to be packing (in a country where someone like him can't legally be packing).

As you'll see in the link, this guy goes from Dad helping wife and daughter escape to HERO who went back in a dozen times to save over 100 people.

Sorry but it seems like I've heard this same story a bunch of times recently, with a slight twist.

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So my conclusion remains...WTF? Either we're literally everywhere, or we're just simply everywhere

Here's the pic.


Sleuth's! Surely the original with his face is cache'd somewhere right?

Just curious if he was hanging around London, Madrid, NYC, Boston etc

It's not like MSM to change their story so fast, right?

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Israeli involvement.

[I posted this in another forum here at the DP on September 23. 2013. I also posted a comment at the UK Guardian website on the same day but it was removed by the mods. Personally I believe the writer of the article since I have known him for two years or more and his information is usually quite sound.]

The mall is owned by Israelis (echoes of 9/11). Here is an article from an Israeli dissident who is a political prisoner in Bolivia and has survived two assassination attempts by the Mossad. He believes that the incident was likely engineered by Israel since al-Shabab is apparently controlled by Israel. Here is an excerpt:

"In this case, al-Shabab is a misleading name referring to Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen, which is claimed by the West to be a Somali cell of al-Qaeda. Since Israel is involved and al-Shabab is not exactly what the West likes to claim, allow me a short introduction about a related event that took place in the days of the First Intifada. Since I want to keep the identity of my source safe, I won't provide a more exact date or location."


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same guy?

Scroll down to the picture titled "Cat and mouse:" and look to the left where there is another white gentleman in jeans with a black semi-automatic. Same guy?

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---edited out---

the unblurred image can be found with google reverse image search using the blurred as your reference. Its on some asian sites. I posted the link but feel uncomfortable since they blurred it to protect the guy if there really isn't some conspiracy I wouldn't feel right. I saved it and its still out there. I'd feel more comfortable in a more anonymous setting.

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Yup: that's why I called it "Real Life "Strike Back?"" ???

in reference to a British TV show, now transferred to US Cinemax production loosely 'inspired' by the supposed 'real-life' exploits of a former SAS operative named Chris Ryan. The US iteration is a basically a two-man led team between a burnt out Brit SAS soldier an an ex-Delta-esque American soldier now working with a covert rogue UK Counter-Terrorist Unit working all over the world, especially IN Africa.

Real Life "Strike-Back?" An Off-Duty British SAS Soldier saves 100 Lives, Armed w/ Only a Pistol @ Kenyan Mall Massacre!

Read the headlines, thought to myself: AFRICOM? MI6-CIA? MKULTRA? Or, now 'run of the mill' Al-CIA-da funded by CIA et al via Saudis.

Hell regardless, if they're claiming to be linked to Al-CIA-da, they're leaving a calling card that clearly says that it's a Western intel backed operation either indirectly funded, directly funded, distantly funded, proxy funded, then let it happen on purpose, or made it happen on purpose.

I keep thinking the world would reach a critical mass of awakening on govt-sponsored false flag terrorism, if not, at least keep an open mind to the possibility, only because...for no other reason than the FACT that it has ALWAYS happened before, historically. There's no down side to assuming govt's guilty until 100% proven innocent, when they're frankly a 'tainted brand.'

Someone even mentions the word "government" to me, it invokes: rapists, kidnappers, molesters, pedophiles, torturers, and murderers. Um, only because it's true? LOL. er. .o/

Tainted Brand, indeed.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

This should have more discussion

so I'm giving an early AM bump

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Here's a link to the original pic/page...

...(scroll down the page a quarter of the way down)...from web.archive.org...


The pic has disappeared

tks Guzzler, the archive page you linked is exactly the stream line page I was referring to.

But the one pic I was talking about is gone from this stream. Gone!

See the pic link and stream link I put in the OP and cross ref if you wish. It's not there.

That alone raises some flags.

Speaking of flags, to be clear, I am NOT saying this was a false flag, I simply do not know.

I'm just pointing out that the MSM narrative has changed in the last 24 hours AND why was a guy w/ a gun, who could not legally have a gun there, be there with one?

And just happened to be there, AND happened to to be packing, AND supposedly went back in dozens of times AND is being portrayed as a hero now, AND his face is now scrubbed AND if he'd fired his pistol, would never have put it where it was, because he would have burned himself badly.

Any of you ever fired a few rounds from a semi 45 and then stuck it in your front pants?

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Yep, seems something is up...

I just went back to the site; web.archive.org and did a search for "www.dailymail.co.uk". Earlier it had 3 snapshots of the site for the 24th. Now it only has two! And, the snapshot that held the full, un-blurred out image is no longer there. I'm not at home right now, but was when I made the previous post. At that time, I saved the actual picture itself to my desktop. I'll try to get it posted when I return home in a few hours. Strange indeed!

Wasn't that a gun-free zone?

If that is a gun, he's carrying it pretty loosely.

Why is the FBI there?


(I'm always skeptical of the Federal Bureau of Instigation....)

What would the Founders do?

One more thing

If he's such a hero, he would have fired his gun a few times, right?

Ever stick a hot gun down the front of your pants?

He would have left those girls in the dust running for the pool

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

and as a follow up

For a guy who supposedly went back 12 times, wouldn't he have dropped them off by this point if he was heading back in so quickly and so many times?

It just doesn't look to me like he's about to turn around.

I am NOT a conspiracy kinda person, I'm just noting strange things I see, that's all


One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul