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McCain & Fellow Idiots Supporting (SNC) so called 'Moderate Rebels' Create Foreign Policy NIGHTMARE!

This is HUGE folks.. a GAME CHANGER.. McCain and the idiots in Washington that supported these so called moderate rebels, just got played..
As of last night, 80% (12 rebel groups) just united under jihad, signing a joint-coalition declaration, making the Syrian War no longer a 'Civil War'... but (now) a declared Islamist (Sharia) vs. Non-Islamist War and openly reject the authority of the Western-backed 'exiled opposition gov't' being propped up in Geneva. Pretense over.

INTERVENTION: We helped tear a country apart under the pretext of assisting a revolution for freedom but in fact end up assisting the creation of another Islamic State.

Thanks for the money and guns. (Clean-up on Aisle 7...)

(Oh and John... how's that chemical weapons stockpile looking now?? Idiot.)

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Your either with us

Or you're with the terrorists.

*rim shot*

The UN should make a new law

that all good guys wear white hats and all bad guys wear black hats.
Us kids always knew who was who in the old cowboy movies.

In case you're confused (you SHOULD be)

We are tearing apart sovereign nations
resulting in creation of EXTREME ISLAMIST States (see Libya)

Forces now aligned:
United States of America
Salafi/ Wahabi/ Muslim Brotherhood
al Shabaab
al Quaeda

Forces now aligned:
Alawite and Druze Syrians
China, Russia, Iran


When are they getting arrested for treason?

End The Fed!
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Good question


giant bump

enough said.

proverbs 20:15
There is gold, and an abundance of jewels;
But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

Now that the

United States government has armed, funded and equipped them, what do the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda have to lose?


Recap for anyone who hasn't followed Syria closely -

There are between 80 and 100 thousand rebels fighting in Syria.

Officially, between 10 and 20 thousand were recognized bad guys (Al Qaeda affiliates ISIS and JAN). The rest were either, depending on the source & specific group, either "good guys" or people we needed to work with to ensure they didn't embrace extremism (on the fence or "potential bad guys").

Last night, all of the "potential bad guys" rejected democracy and the Western backed SNC, embraced sharia, and allied themselves with one of the two al Qaeda affiliates (JAN). They all declared themselves to be "bad guys". The new bad guys represent all of the major rebel groups operating in Syria.

So, around 60 thousand rebels are now openly "bad guys" (50k were potential "bad guys" along with the 10 thousand ISIS (AQ) guys).

As the smaller groups follow suit (they'll have to for survival), there will be no moderates left on the ground in Syria

The SNC (the people at the UN and who will be in Geneva) now represent no military force inside the country.

The Free Syria Army is now the Islamic Syria Army.

Negotiations pointless.