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Savage savages Hannity: "I Am Heir Apparent to the Afternoon Drive"

According to this morning's Politico, evening radio talk show host Michael Savage declared, "I am heir apparent to the afternoon drive on the east coast and around America" and will take over Sean Hannity's 3 p.m. time slot on Cumulus stations, which I presume includes the valuable WABC market in New York City.


So, combining this with Hannity's loss of his coveted 9 p.m. slot on Fox News, are we witnessing the demolition of the Hannity empire, founded as it was on ten years of daily, incessant defense of the Iraq invasion? Because that's what it looks like.

Regarding Fox News, pundits claimed his dramatic fall in ratings was due to his prophecy that the apocalyptic Bishop Willard Romney would win the Presidential elections. When that did not materialize after months of advertising the Bishop, his credibility was irreparably shattered.

Of course, anyone who pushed for a delusional doomsdayer like Bishop Willard, who was convinced he was "The White Horse" of Joseph Smith's Mormon prophecy, deserves to be stripped of all rights to lecture the public on anything.

Anyway, as I said, Hannity's pig-headed defense of our destruction of Iraq is what drove me from tuning into his program. Having to listen to three hours every single day about the evil of Saddam, his rape rooms, weapons of mass destruction that were cleverly disguised, and state sponsorship of al-Qaeda was too much.

I became convinced Hannity was paid by the DOD to propagandize on their behalf. It seemed impossible that anyone would say the same things over and over and over with such conviction and NOT be in the pay and service of another power.

The selling of Bishop Willard may have been the last straw, but Hannity's credibility was little better than Tokyo Rose.

Question is, what's Michael Savage like? I've never heard his program. Is he another "our military is God's gardening tool" radio host?

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real name is Michael Weiner, is entertaining but not to be trusted.

During the Iraq war he would lambast "dumbya" for holding back and not bombing Iraq into the stone age...Boosh wasn't war monger enough for Weener.

Weener also supports the Israeli first agenda such as bombing Iran.

After losing dozens of stations...Weener changed his tune. He is now pretending to be a libertarian.

Weener is entertaining but he is also a fraud in my opinion. Take what he says with a grain of salt.

FUN - Howard Stern RIPS INTO "savage"

(I up-voted just so people could hear this)
If you haven't heard this yet - it's a good time:

Part 1:

Part 2:

2 zionists

Savage trying to remake himself and VOX talking head shill. Neither worth listening to auto down vote. Savage and Fox are like my old TV collecting dust in some garbage pit.


Whats Michael Savage Like ? you asked.

Well he's no friend of the Liberty movement and has certainly done his fair share of Paul bashing with name calling on his evening show when I used to listen to it. It's not to say that he didn't praise the movement Ideals or even Dr Paul on occasion. A moist finger in the air type of guy without true convictions. On top of that he's rude , loud and arrogant. I avoid those types .
I'm now down to Jerry Doyle and Coast to Coast for my talk radio fix. I turned off the TV cable and network news , cept for an occasional stop at RT for another angle on events.
I still think that a morning coffee and the Daily Paul is as good a way to start a day as any, and when I want to get the latest thru out the day I also turn to the DP.


I woke up early this am and heard some discussion on Coast about sociopaths and psychotics and someone said something about politicians and George Noory actually said something to the effect of "they're all psychotic except for Ron Paul and maybe Rand too."

I was surprised because Noory doesn't usually comment on politics.


I've listened to talk radio for many years. Up until 2008 I was a neocon (although I didn't realize it - thought I was just a Republican) and then I discovered Ron Paul in 2012.

I used to listen to Rush way back when but got tired of his ranting and raving and stopped when GWB became president. I've listened to Savage for a long time on and off. Not the worst but he did dis Ron Paul while working for his old employer.

I would catch the end of Hannity while waiting for Savage to come on. I have to say that Hannity's show always sounded like an advertisement for the Republican party and even when I was a "Republican" I couldn't stand to listen to him.

It's a different audience in the afternoon - so it will be interesting to see how he fares. IMO he should keep his current time slot.