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Evan of FreedomWorks is inspired by Ron Paul

Evan of FreedomWorks on redistribution of wealth. Coaxed by Jan, inspired by Ron Paul, Liberty Defined.


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I was worried when

I was worried when FreedomWorks first came out, they had ties that looked somewhat questionable, and seemed to be very partisan and hard right. But as I've watched them even though I disagree with some of the stances they take, it seems like all of the issues they actually go after are big, important issues that they're on our side on.

Nice to see someone who really doesn't want to redistribute wealth. I think his hesitation was just the fact that, he doesn't want to immediately do away with it in one fell swoop, because it would be politically and economically disastrous without a proper plan in place.

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Were you inspired by Ron Paul like Evan?

Were you inspired by Ron Paul like Evan?

Jan Helfeld

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Liberty Defined inspired Evan

Liberty Defined inspired Evan.

Jan Helfeld

Get in the fold my brother.

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Okay, Jan - thought we lost you but there you are.

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