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New money set to be released October 8th...

I found the timing of this interesting given all of the talk recently of October being a planned disaster in FEMA region 3.

I think the biggest planned disaster is probably allowing the Federal reserve to continue to run after expiration of their charter.


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$100 Billion Printing Error! Fed alaims US Gov Made $100 B Error

$100 Bill: $1B Error! Historian, the Fed vs Jon Stewart, the CNBC Comedy Submitted by Mark Twain on Sat, 10/02/2010 Economy (3 years ago). 3 minute film reel. Made lots of paper-money too! Just the Fed money-changers wouldn't accept the $100 notes. Did not meet their high counterfeiting standard... We gave away lot of our old-money to make lots of friends accross the land & even Europe:

Anti-counterfeiting is getting so complex, even the money-changers fail to reproduce it. This sad attempted $100 bill printing affair has been a 4 year running tragic comedy. No end in sight.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Funny they get annoyed when

people print their own money.

that would be fraud...

... and diluting the value of the US (FRN) currency...

... OH wait, FED beat us to it but they do it 21st century way via QE/open market window/swaps...

Stick a FED label on your forehead and start printing the new 100 bills... It makes the fraud more official.

The size of the digits on the back of the 100 bill look a lot...

...like numbers of the EURO currency...

I am referring to the vertical 100

100 FRN

100 EURO

fyi charter was made

fyi charter was made perpetual before it expired - common misconception from what I understand

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No gov agency has a website with a silly url like 'newmoney.gov'
I mean really, they dedicated a website to announce new currency?
What kind of fantasy world are we living in.

Southern Agrarian

.gov is exclusive to government agencies and levels of U.S. govt

Notice, even the Postal Service, which is now an independent chartered corporation (as opposed to a government agency like it started out as) has the web address usps.COM. It cannot have a .gov address.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the same - both .com.

If it has a .gov, you can bet it's official.


Not the annual "uhhhh, what's a fiscal year?" conspiracy part, but that newmoney.gov is an official site and they're issuing yet another redesign of the $100 bill on October 8.

Here are a couple more official sites:

Money factory? An all-seeing-eye iphone app? Are they *trying* to provoke conspiracy theories?



Southern Agrarian

Now dat der's funny...a blind

Now dat der's funny...a blind person using a touch screen phone... to know which denomination they have. Why not just make braille notes to begin with?

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In this economy? It'd cost too much.

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