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Lie Witness News: Do Opinion Polls Have Any Value at All?

Late night talk show hosts do "man-in-the-street" bits showing how ignorant the American people are. But Jimmy Kimmel does a couple of bits that show how people will lie in order to make it appear that they have an informed opinion.

"Lie Witness News" and "Confusing Question of the Day" are a series of "man-in-the-street" interviews where people are asked questions that they could not possibly have an opinion on, such as events that have not taken place, yet, or will never take place. Despite the fact that the event has not take place, people lie and say they did see it and they have an opinion about.

Although it is a comedy bit, and funny, it got me thinking about all the opinion polls out there. How many people respond to opinion polls when in fact they have no fukking clue about the topic?

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