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On Radio! Law Professor vs. Libertarian On Income Taxes- Monday 9PM, WVLT.COM

The Main Event, folks.

Him: a law professor who purports to debunk every known theory or assertion about the federal income tax, its constitutionality, and administration.

Me: A libertarian radio host with the most controversial (among sheeple) hard hitting radio show on the planet. "The Shields Report" airs Monday evenings at 9PM on WVLT.COM (92.1 in the Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware areas.) Call in number for DP'ers- 856-696-0092 Call in and help move the ball forward!I would love to get a call from Pete Hendrickson or Larken Rose or Joe Bannister, etc. But, as you know, the law must be easily understood by the common man,(so why does a law professor need to "de-bunk" and "clarify" the law for us??? so please - CALL IN 856-696-0092.

I purposely did not post the professor's name in case he is trolling about. I don't want him to get a head's up, and call this off. Here's his site: http://docs.law.gwu.edu/facweb/jsiegel/Personal/taxes/Income...

Please, Please Please! (not the James Brown recording) Vote this up and send links to those who care about the income tax issue(s).

Also- Mention the Daily Paul on my radio show, and if you are the best caller you get a free copy of my book:
This is it, folks. A radio dust-up that is sure to make history (or die trying) MONDAY EVENING AT9PM WVLT.COM - WSHIELDS@COMCAST.NET

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