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"Reason and Liberty" - An Interview with the Author

The second episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast is up!

In this edition, I speak with Shayne Wissler, the author of “Reason and Liberty” and “For Individual Rights” . We discuss why using reason to achieve a consistent philosophy is important to the advancement of the ideas of liberty.

I feel the ideas discussed in this podcast are very important. It is essential to the advancement of any serious movement that it be grounded in a consistent philosophy. That doesn’t mean that philosophy should not evolve – in fact, it must evolve as new understandings and truths emerge, but they will only emerge if we engage in serious conversation and debate.

We must not just list a series of prescriptions to solve the world’s ills. We must always ask “why?”, and be able to provide that answer to others.

I take some exception with Wissler’s categorization of “scarcity” as “not normal”, but appreciate the way in which he approaches the idea. I come from the Austrian economic point of view that all resources are scarce, save those with superabundance such as air.

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for a great guest!


for pure self-promotion.

The author has an interesting perspective to liberty that everyone should take a look at!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Good stuff

keep those podcasts coming