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Journalists, Jobs & Government: Can We Trust Our Media Anymore?

I was reading a report today on the incestuous relationship that the Obama administration has fostered with the fawning media. Every one of us will recall the adoring puff pieces on Obama, which continue to this day among the unscrupulous media outlets (looking at you MSNBC), but are still prevalent in those considered “less liberal” in their bias. Many members of the media in print and broadcast have left their former posts, where they were able to influence millions daily, to undertake a new line of work: government lackey.

The Washington Times is the latest to point out this flock of “neutral” media who have shown their true, undiluted blue coloring, and include this list of media-turned Obama-mouthpiece provided by Erik Erikson of Red State (of which I am not a fan) in today’s piece:

Mr. Erickson’s list included former Time correspondent Jay Carney, now Mr. Obama’s top spokesman; ABC News‘ Linda Douglass, who joined the White House push to pass Obamacare and returned to journalism at The Atlantic; the Chicago Tribune’s Jill Zuckman, a political correspondent who became spokeswoman for Ray LaHood, transportation secretary in Mr. Obama’s first term; Jim Sciutto, who left ABC News to work for U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke, before returning to a media job at CNN; and The Washington Post’s Shailagh Murray, Douglas Frantz and Stephen Barr, all of whom took posts in the Obama administration.

And that’s a partial list. Continue Reading

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It's your patriotic responsibility to never trust the government

In fact, in general, you have no business trusting anyone outside of your family or personal friends.

If it is possible to have something like limited or good government, which I am not at all convinced, it is only possible if people NEVER trust it.

And like anyone else, but especially with the government, when it asks, or worse, demands your trust you should immediately understand it is lying to you and is acting against you.

I would never ask my wife to trust me. I just try to behave so that she never has reason not to.


When could we!

Luckily the internet is enabling us all to communicate with each other. Citizen journalism is where it's at.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*


The media has never been a trusted source, at least we have alternative means to share information nowadays.

I wonder how long that will last?

I have a feeling they never expected the communication ability we have with social media. People are waking up like no other time in history.