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Is Shield Mutual a Law Firm or a Talent Agency For Adam Kokesh?

Reading the statement from Adam Kokesh's law firm Shield Mutual, I noticed some testimonials from other customers on the right side of the page.

All three point to SM being a talent promotion agency, not (primarily) a law firm:


What our Customers Say

“He has demonstrated an ability to use the internet to generate interest and turn that into action.”

“George is one of the best project managers I’ve worked with.”

“Displayed tremendous leadership, innovation and diligence.”

This promotional aspect is mentioned briefly on the 'About Shield Mutual' page http://shieldmutual.com/

"The forum is a welcoming place where agorists, friends, allies and trading partners gather to draw up plans for advancing our shared vision. We come up with new ideas, business models, projects, deals and agorist enterprises"

"You know Shield Mutual as a defense agency, insurance company, mutual aid society or some mix of all three."

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You can't just go around asking questions like that.

I happen to think that in this event Kokesh and the lawyer are victims of their own idealism.

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Considering the

Considering the sensationalism and theater that goes on today in our courts, a talent agent/lawyer is exactly what every high-profile suspect/victim needs these days.

I downvoted the post too.

Just for the fun of it.

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.