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The State of the Revolution

Barring some miracle, Giuliani and Huckleberry are toast. That leaves Romney, McCain and US. Will Ron Paul be admitted to that Debate?

McCain is exceptionally weak on the economy. Will the GOP base choose Romney as their savior? If they rally around him now, does that mean the end for Ron Paul?

Will anyone drop before Super Tuesday?

Where do we stand? what should we expect?

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If Ron wasn't in the race...

I'd have a hard time choosing:

McLame - Wants 100 years more in Iraq? Bomb Iran - for the fun of it? Who's he kidding. Seriously.

Ghouliani - Too much in his closet, including dresses and wigs. He might be America's Mayor, but he's a very corrupt one at that.

Romney - Only guy I might consider, but tired of politicians reading polls and changing positions - how about some integrity? Don't care that he's mormon, just keep your magic underwear on.

Huckster - Another politician from Arkansas? No thanks. Stay in Iraq to protect our honor? What is this the Klingnon Party Candidate?


However, Ron winds up in the primaries, I'm voting/writing him in. I'm not wasting my vote anymore.

Paul Needs to Wake

Average Republicans up to the fact that a pro-war Republican will NOT win the General Election. Therefore when it comes to electibllity Ron is the only Republican that has a sliver of a chance of winning the White House. So republicans need to ask themselves do they loose the White House for the Iraq war thats going to end by a Democrat or do they Win the White House and take responsiblity for what we have started?

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The Democrats won't end the Iraq War

And because of that, the Republican Party leadership really doesn't care too much if they win in Nov 08. All they care about is keeping the war profiteering status quo.

If you think Hillary or Obama will end the War, then I have ocean front property in Az for you.


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The longer the vote is split, the better....

If they Republicrats rally around one candidate and the rest drop out (besides Ron) it would be terrible for us. Luckily, I don't see how they can pick one to rally around. They are all such poor, poor choices beside RP

Romney is soft enough to appear moderate

McCain is dangerous. This is not lost on the republican party. The NYT has chosen McCain and Clinton this means that they are the worst possible choices.

I will say this. McCain and Clinton set up nicely for a 3rd party run, but, McCain will not win the nom. It is Mitt.


what is our strategy

for defeating Mitt?

I really think the only candidate that had a chance against Ron

Paul, was Thompson. He's out, and now the base doesn't know who to turn to. McCain is fading fast. Those who voted for him to end the War, are finding out what he's really about. Giulliani will lose Florida, and will lose the Country. Romney will do well in Florida, but not in the west. Super Tuesday will show Ron Paul with consistent 3rd, or 4th place with the first and second split between Huckabee, and Romney. Ron Paul is in great shape.

: ]

what about dropouts though? Who can/will stick it out to the convention?
Will they decide to gang together like in LA?

The base doesn't seem to be

The base doesn't seem to be too keen on Romney. McCain seems to be the new savior for now. However the base is not keen on him either. I can't see him winning it. Moderates might go for Romney but not in the southern states. It's still wide open IMO. We are only what 6 states into a 50 state race...

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