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Obama Will Seek Third Term? (Satire)

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Let's hope he's stolen enough $$ by then that he is satisfied

After these $100M a pop vacation/parties our Criminal in Chief has become used to I expect he might have a hard time going back to a real life. And I think he, like Cheney (Bush was just an idiot imo), is capable of anything.

So, we'd better hope he's stolen/arranged a billion dollars or more as payoff for his "servicing" America. Otherwise I have little doubt he is quite capable of pulling a Putin.

Funny story. About a year before the 2008 election I began wondering how Bush/Cheney thought they were going to get away with leaving office. At that time it sure looked like the Democrats might just push for an in depth investigation of all things Bush/Cheney after Bush was out of office and could no longer use executive privilege to escape prosecution. When people would ask who I thought might be our new president I began - only half joking - suggesting that Bush/Cheney might not be willing to leave office. I mean, all we needed was one false-flag/ staged event and we could have martial law instead of an election, right?

Thankfully Bush/Cheney had another escape route arranged! They made plans for TARP apparently in 2007 and set off the fireworks of the 2008 collapse less than two months before the election. As we all learned in the aftermath, a "deal" had been made between the outgoing Criminal in Chief and the incoming Criminal in Chief. Everyone made a large fortune, Bush/Cheney exited stage right during the distraction while Hopey rode in stage left.

It was a BRILLIANT plan brilliantly executed! No prosecution for anyone and trillions of dollars of profits to spread all around!

Anyway, let's hope Hopey has stolen/ arranged enough of a payoff for his "services" that he prefers to retire and enjoy the spoils rather than stay in office to garner even more money and power. I think it is fairly likely .... he isn't liked too much, that is for sure, so staying in office for a third term might be more headache than it is worth. It probably comes down to his relative desire for hundreds of millions of dollars of payoff versus his desire for more power and glory and killing.


Bill of Rights /Amendment X: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Do you need a politician or judge to "interpret" those 28

It's very poor satire.

Not sure what is satirical, but that's what it says.