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Great news. It's reversible

Great news.
It's reversible

wow bull lion

Thanks for that. I stopped vaccinations 7 years ago for my daughters. Stopped fluoride too. I could see issues developing. We are chelating it all out now with iodine, glutathione, R Lipoic Acid, vitamin C and vitamin D. So when the doctor said it was reversible I celebrated more.


These are all great things you can do

to detox from inorganic contaminates, but what about the organic contaminates like pesticides ?

People need crucifer vegetables because they activate cytochrome p450 to detoxify the organic pollutants.

Brocholi, Coliflour, brussel sprouts, cabbage etc. These help immensely to detox the organic contaminants.


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So you can reverse the metals or autism with those vitamins? My 2 year old is autistic and I would like to know all I can about your situation.

Talk to TACA

My sister has FULLY RECOVERED her son from a vaccine injury (autism) using only natural methods. Check out TACA "Talk About Curing Autism" for more info. They can set you up with parent mentors who have gone thru the process of raising a child with autism, and give you other forms of help.


I am a medical professional with a graduate degree from the Maryland University of Integrative Health and would also be happy to converse more offline if you want to give me your email address.

Hello Jawa86. It's the way the body works

I think.

Now look closely. It's not just vitamins though they are important. I recently posted a video from Dr David Brownstein and here it is again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rj-dwWsm8D0&feature=share&lis...
It's in 5 parts and it is very informative. I recommend you watch it. I recommend everyone watch it. Everyone knows someone with cancer, breast issues, prostate issues, thyroid issues and endocrine issues. Not to mention autism and other health issues. We are sick folks.

Another doctor with a similar experience as Dr Brownstein, Dr Sherry Rogers (environmental medicine)says all our health problems are caused by 2 things; poor nutrition and toxins in the body (and mercury in vaccines is a toxin).

Another theory I am studying is that our children inherit the nutritional status of their parents at conception. So if dad or mom (or both) have health issues then the child inherits them. Those issues can be remedied with food that nourishes. Problem is that the same mom that feeds us in the womb also feeds us at the table.

While it can seem overwhelming at first (and I feel for your situation) the goal is to feed the child well (and before they get old enough to have their own ideas and get in the skool house)and to detoxify him via high quality fats, iodine, eliminate breads, get sun exposure, remove chlorine from drinking water, remove fluoride and add a few supplements as per Dr Rogers. If metals are in the body you will smell them as they leave via poop.

Many people drink coffee, I don't but I have done coffee enemas. Powerful and maybe 2 is too young for that but the point is that there are many things that can be done to support the body and coax the junk out. You will be pleasantly surprise I suspect.

Here are 2 books I would have. I do. Detoxify or Die by Dr Sherry Rogers and you can get it here at prestigepublishing.com and use code P113P for a 15% discount and the 2nd book is Iodine Why You Need It Why You Can't Live Without It-4th edition by Dr David Brownstein. Get it here at www.drbrownstein.com. You can get them at Amazon but I stopped supporting them after what they did to wikileaks.

Here is the Dr Sherry Rogers interview http://oneradionetwork.com/health/dr-sherry-rogers-m-d-natio...
You may have to copy and paste.

You could be in a good place in that he is young and if mom & dad can trust in the process you would see big changes I suspect. Some changes could happen in weeks.

If I could add one more thing. I recommend that mom and dad and son have a urine iodine loading test. No doctor visit and the lab sends the test and you collect urine for 24 hours after ingesting 50mg of iodine and send a small vial back to the lab and they send you the results in 3 days after they receive it. I bet a quarter that you are all way low. And guess what? Sufficient iodine in the body kicks out fluoride, bromine, (in bread)chlorine and heavy metals. It is reported that many things can remove heavy metals and it may all depend on what else is being consumed. We avoid processed foods (almost totally) and eat high fat, moderate protein and low carbs.

There is much more and will this be enough for you to get started?

OK, I'm not done and just one more thing. I sat my dentist down and talked to him at length about fluoride and he assured me that it was a good thing. So I gave it to my daughters every day. I wished I hadn't done it and now we are flushing it out with the above protocol. Read and watch what Dr Brownstein has to write/say about fluoride.