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Why I Call Myself BILL3

BILL, BILL1, AND BILL2 were taken.

Seriously! True story.

Celebrating this, my 100th post, I thought I would compile a little retrospective anthology of my favorite and most popular posts.

...Before the bad times when I took on the entire anarchist wing of the DP by myself.
...Before the Great Terror of the Nystrom-Bigmike purges, and the great bloodletting that continues even now to claim daily victims.
...Before I brought the wrath of the everything-is-a-conspiracy crowd down upon my head.

I was just a humble poster beginning my DailyPaul career, one obvious "paid disinfo CIA agent" in a sea of other presumed paid dinsinfo agents.

Nothing to lift me up but the golden pen in my bootstraps, struggling to win over the hearts and minds of the Daily Paul family, in all its diversity of opinion, strength of conviction, caverns of knowledge, and golden, irreverent laughter at all comers.

All the stinging barbs of its wit, all its deep wells of generosity, its open mindedness, goodness of heart, through all the prickly thornbushes of ideology, the motley line up of personalities and egos, big and small, sane and less than sane, all the raucous, rowdy, rumble-tumble, no holds barred discussion and debate in which the people are the arena.

If I have failed, it was not for a lack of trying.

1. Thoughts on the Campaign Announcement

2. Ideas For the Post-Campaign Future

3. Warning to Americans if Romney Loses

4. Write-In Satan Campaign

5. Leaked! Internal GOP Memo, post-election analysis

6. The End of an Era

7. Happy Festivus to the DailyPaul Community!

8. How Banking Actually Works In Fiat World

9. Liberty, Can You Make a Little Room For Reality?

10. Lindsey Graham: The Poster Boy for Democracy Strikes Again

Bonus: Most down-voted, least understood, best troll ever

11. Has anyone else noticed that Zimmerman look COMPLETELY different?

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"Great Terror of the Nystrom-Bigmike purges"

Ha Ha Ha, I love how you put that. I must admit seeing people booted for saying unapproved things had a chilling effect on me. Will I push a wrong button with my antagonistic nature? Might this very comment be enough? When will the days of the DP Inquisition pass, and brush fires of liberty and free speech return? Lol.



Michael Nystrom's picture

Thanks for the info man!

As for me, Michael Nordstrom was taken so ...

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

Ya Michael Nordstrom is

Ya Michael Nordstrom is always taken, but you'll always be M-Nys to me.

Why not "Mi Ny"?

It rhymes!

Dow news...

I guess DP is like the dow in

I guess DP is like the dow in a way.

bigmikedude's picture

My friend Bill speaks of how he was in the past,

but never mentions how he has progressed after an age of internet cowboying on DP...

DP can, and does lay back even the wildest of the internet outlaws. Even Big Bad Bills:


Here's to many more years Bud.

As for me, my internet 'give a shit' days are long done too. I just have a job to do here on DP:


F yeah, keep on trucking with

F yeah, keep on trucking with some good tunes. Thanks for the good memory.

It has begun

Legend says when the three Bills meet the trinity will be complete, and the return of The Granger will commence.

It is commencing...

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Is it not sign?
The Granger is near.

In that time there will be

In that time there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.