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We are all contributing to MSM

I find myself watching the MSM all the time. I watch and get so frustrated that I want to scream. I stopped. I realized that by watching I am supporting them. When it all comes down to it, When I watch I am supporting them. We all have the set top boxes that know who, when and how long we watch. When us RP supports get fired up at the lack of coverage we are watching to see what coverage there is or lack there of. The MSM is still a business, have you noticed the amount of commercial that are on these stations. They get money from advertisers based on there viewer base. This is all recorded by the set top boxes. If someone knows more about the ratings and how these work please post. I would think it is inside info. Anyway, I think a big bomb would be a MSM blackout, where we don't watch the different channels. As far as which ones thats up for debate. Imagine if ll RP supports delete these channels from there remote. The ratings would go down big time. Just a 5% decrease would hurt them. When we start yelling and screaming foul play the msm loves it. We are playing into their hand because they know we will watch, that means money to them. It makes me sick to think the businesses that are unfair make money off me. Most set top boxes have the ability to delete or block certain channels. Lets have a organized blackout of MSM. I still would like to get what they are saying so we could have 10 people who record the good stuff and put it up on the eteli.com site. We need to show them we have power, that we can affect them. We sure don't do it by watching them. I would like for anyone to pick up the ball on this and organize something . I believe this would take someone with great organization skills. Any ideas would be great. Lets hurt them by not watching the same as they hurt us by not covering

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I think Murdoch (Fox) holdings ONLY to begin with - eg., MySpace

Fox is clearly the WORST of the MSM outlets when it comes to dirty tricks against Ron Paul. I suggest we single them out so that a boycott campaign will be maximally effective. The business of ad revenue, is largely determined by relative performance.

But if you ONLY target Fox, Murdoch will probably just laugh at you - much of his strategy is divide and conquer based. He aims to have his finger in all media pies which are profitable. He doesn't really care if all the Ron Paul supporters boycott Fox because his target audience is the NeoCons/ DittoHeads; when he irritates a Ron Paul follower he delights a member of his core audience!

If you do the research, you'll find that Fox is only one of many, many, many Murdoch/Newscorp holdings. Here are SOME: http://www.woopidoo.com/biography/rupert-news-corporation.htm

But this this is FAR from inclusive: closer to home, he ALSO owns:

Wall Street Journal
Star Magazine/Tabloid
NY Post

Do you USE any of these? You greatly pleasure Mr. Murdoch. You are, in fact, helping him hurt Ron Paul - and most likely you don't know it.

This man ONLY became a US citizen in order to meet legal requirements for buying up our media. He doesn't give a damn about this country, our Constitution, your liberty, or you. He wants your money - and your eyes.

Does he currently have them?

What are you going to do about that?

Bill of Rights /Amendment X: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Do you need a politician or judge to "interpret" those 28

what? MSM do they still

what? MSM do they still exist.? stop watching them 3 mos ago, change my bundle too on my dish. i get better news from internet.

ok will somebody set a date for mass media blackout. i feel like its only few of us are committed on boycotting this corporate criminals, have something like a money bomb.


Thats take a lot patriotism and love for your family. Mine is dead before Dr. Paul.

No viewer base here

In 2000 we gave up the dish. We rent a movie once in a while and get our news from the internet and radio.

What happened: My wife, daughter and I were watching tv arguing about what show to watch at 7 pm. I got out the dish billing and said who wants to pay for this? No one volunteered. Just smiles. It went out the next day. My high school daughter then spent several evenings at her friend's house watching tv. Then about 2 weeks later she declared, "I don't even miss it anymore."

Should have done it sooner.

Today I thought of Ron Paul

...............................................just because it feels right.

Ron Paul or give in.

Not me

today I sent out 30 postage paid Business Replies from Newsweek, Time and US News with only RP 2008 written on them wiping out all profits from the Mags. that have been ignoring Ron Paul, lets make them pay folks when they receive bags of bills in their mail rooms, they are charged by the Postal Service for each postcard delivered to them. Lets bring the Old Media to their knees, we can do it!!!

this is a great idea!

you should post forum topic

How does Dishnetwork know what I watch?

They don't.
My dish is downlink only,
They SAY, you need a phoneline connected for updates, and messages.
My phoneline has been disconnected from the receiver for years.

I DO pay attention to who advertises on these Old media channels.
I don't buy from those advertisers.

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

Cable-ready TV or VCR will avoid "tracking" of viewing.

There is an easy solution if you have cable TV and want to avoid having your watching behaviors tracked. This will work on most cable systems that also offer "basic cable" instead of "premium-only" or "digital-only" systems.

Put a line-splitter (see: Radio Shack) on your incoming cable and run a cable right to the back of your TV or into your VCR tuner (to avoid the set-top "smart box"). Since you'll be using the tuner in your TV or in your VCR instead of the "smart box", you will not have to worry about any potential tracking or recording of your viewing habits. This will only work on unscrambled (non-premium, non-digital) channels. Since you have a splitter, you can switch back to the "smart box" when you want to watch premium or pay channels.

Your privacy is important.


the idea is to have your viewing tracked and let it be known that you are not watching the msm. is there mccain guys on this site?

I don't do MSM

I have cheapo basic cable. I don't watch the lying MSM news. I get my news from many internet sources. I hardly turn on the TV. I use it more as a monitor to watch an occasional movie. Next step is to get rid of cable altogether.

It can be done. The addiction can be broken.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
― Albert Camus

u dont many do

this isn't a personel preference. it is a group decision

Yes, we all do!

But this is why he is being censored! I just posted. Mitt Romney own the umbrella company "Clear Channel Communications", FOX and ABC and 1200 radio stations!! That is not fair. And certainly not right~!

Get your news from the Internet

Though I know more of the news originates from Reuters and AP (both of which are complicit in NWO activities), but if you look around you'll be bound to find independent blogs and websites.

thats not the point

the point is to not support an entity that won't support us.

something the average joe can do

this is something that is easily done, takes no effort, and will have an effect

stop msm now heres how

read it above. give ideas

dont cancel cable just watch something else

Don't cancel just watch something else. If we don't watch them and watch something else it ha a 2 fold effect with higher rating for the other station beating them.

we control this

This is something we control. No one can make us watch. they control whats on based on viewer support.

I love this idea...I already did it with FAUX,

but am ready to do it to MSNBC, CNN, CSPAN, the stupid nightly news shows, etc. I will not however get rid of DISH. My husband would never agree to it, plus there is a lot of stuff I do like such as Free Speech TV, Frontline, etc. Anything we NEED to see from MSM (like when they actually have RP on) can be watched on youtube. Agreed that a few people would still need to watch and record.

heres how to not support MSM

read above give ideas. Who or this board is most qualified to set this up. hat means which dates and timeframe

justify lower ad rates

Advertiser will request lower rates if they get wind of this. I would love to take anything from them. Money talks or lack there of. Also what would we call it. Black out Bomb. this would be bigger than anything we could do. Right now we don't hurt them at all. This would hurt

Feb 1st

Ron Paul TV Party! Everyone cancel your cable and when they ask why, TELL THEM!

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.