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Public Fire Departments in relation to obamacare


Hello everyone. Back again with somewhat the same question as last night (link above).
What do you all think about public fire departments? I have an interview for one but inside it feels wrong to take the job if offered. Even though it's basically a dream job it still feels wrong. I strongly oppose obamacare and then I realize taxpayers in cities are forced to pay for fire and ems that they may never need just like the Feds are doing with healthcare. I have read on and on , articles arguing non privatization and pro privatization. Coming from a somewhat inside view of the fire service, those articles only make me more confused. My libertarian mind says privatize but from what Experience I have in the fire service my fire mind says it would be chaos in actual emergency events. Like I said last night, I feel hypocritical if I take the job.
Opinions, thoughts, anything will be appreciated. Just super confused where to go in my life right now.

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Welcome to the Private Police Force (Fry & Laurie)

I don't have a problem with government-run programs so long as control of them, i.e., their organization, funding, etc., remains on as local a basis as is feasible. Big corporations are not necessarily any better than big government.

Welcome to the Private Police Force - Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie:

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Many firefighters are volunteers

The department type is based on the NFPA definition (Career: 100 percent of a department's firefighters are career; Mostly Career: 51-99 percent of a department's firefighters are career; Mostly Volunteer: 1-50 percent of a department's firefighters are career; Volunteer: 100 percent of a department's firefighters are volunteer). Of the fire departments registered with the census,

8 percent are career
5 percent are mostly career
16 percent are mostly volunteer
71 percent are volunteer



I've recently moved to a town

I've recently moved to a town that is full volunteer. It is a very small town and they work with what they have and most aren't trained in much except wildfire. During the day when range fires occur, it can be very hard to get enough volunteers to show up to go fight the fire because they are at work, work out of town, or are simply not able to get to the firehouse in time. That's one of the reasons I do support paid departments as long as that city wishes to have it. It should not be forced upon them.

Go for it

Especially if you feel it is your dream job and there aren't better alternatives at the moment. Gain expertise in your vocation and keep spreading the liberty message to those around you.

Emergency fire services is one of the most basic necessities that a community should have. Ofcourse we cannot have a privatized fire service for now but don't believe the propaganda that private fire services would lead to chaos in actual emergency events.

Thank you. I will definitely

Thank you. I will definitely try to echo that around the service.

Hey there young life saver

I was once like you.....

Listen, your "job" right now is to get the best experience you can, to start rising through the ranks, picking up better and higher certs.

See that's what WE need from you. And since it seems to be what you want to do, viola! Everybody's happy.

When TSHTF nobody is gonna care where you got the experience, we're gonna need you to train as many of us as possible. Increasingly we're all we have for medical care. We're all we're gonna have for any kinda care anywhere.

You take the job that gets you the best training and experience. And the paycheck that comes with it. And get yourself prepped up. And don't listen to anybody else. I'm right and you know it.


Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Very true, thank you.

Very true, thank you.

Take the job if offered...

...it will last only so long before the municipalities go bankrupt, but you can change minds in the process.

True. But most municipalities

True. But most municipalities here in texas are doing okay...as of now. Who knows future wise.