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One Week to Go: Government Finally Reveals Obamacare Premiums

Drawing on pricing data for approved insurance plans in 48 states, the federal government gave Americans the number they have been waiting to hear for months. The average premium an average American will pay will pay for a mid-tier, or second-cheapest, health insurance plan when the Obamacare health exchanges open for enrollment next week is $328, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, or HHS.

However, in certain states, where a significant portion of the population lives in rural areas, that figure could be much higher because it can be more expensive to deliver healthcare. In Mississippi, average premiums will cost $448 per month, premium costs in Alaska will amount to $474, and premiums will average $516 in Wyoming. The least expensive plans were reported in Minnesota, where premiums will cost an average of $192 per month, and Tennessee, with premiums averaging $245.


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They really are hundreds of dollars a month. People won't comply with buying it, simply out of inability to pay. This whole thing is a giant mess.

Unbelievable. Heads must


Heads must roll. Literally.

Average monthly premium


When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
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Now it's obvious why

Now it's obvious why Washington has been so eager to take away people's guns. The more upset people get, the more everyone's constitutional rights will be be abridged.

I don't have insurance and I wont have insurance.

It seems that Ron Paul once said something like: "Government is just a reflection of the people and unless people change then government will not change." In this case he is absolutely right. Regardless of how the government has overstepped its bounds it is people who have made this legislation possible.

Other than the mandate I don't care about Obamacare because I don't buy into the insurance and healthcare schemes.

seems to me that flyover states are getting screwed

The costs in those states is far higher than in high population states.

Well certainly

That is how insurance works. The larger the pool the lower the risk. You wouldn't say that price fixing is a viable solution to this are you?

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I will not comply. I will

I will not comply. I will never comply. It is nothing more then thuggish thievery blackmail. I will never comply. They can kill me first. I cannot afford to comply.

They are basically telling me to choose healthcare and be homeless or become a gov dependant(NEVER). I want no gov handout. I want no gov or private insurance . It is nothing more then a ponzi scheme.

If the gop caves on this and obamacare is funded? Then the gop and the us gov is dead to me.

It is nothing more then thievery blackmail!!!!!

I have 500,000 in private medical bills and reasons to never trust gov or private insurance. They can DIE!

Ron Paul 2016

The majority are dependent already.

I believe that is the whole reason for this legislation. If they can get everyone dependent on government then they will have control over everyone.

They sit in their ivory towers where they can't be reached and subject us to their whims and when we don't comply then they will send their henchmen (henchpersons) in skirts and three piece suits to act as their hands to choke us into submission. At some point people will have to realize that if you can't reach the head then you will have to bite their hands that are choking you. But when you do that then they will use their boots to stomp on you and it is hard to bite through a boot. But I would rather die biting a boot than licking it.


I've mentioned it elsewhere


but ACA is the line in the sand for me, and I suspect for multitudes of others.

Come what may, but I will not be kissing a tyrant's ring and if taken out of this world by armed IRS thugs, those ba*tards are coming with me

$750 a month?!?!

that's as high as rent in the cheaper states!

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

During college I paid

During college I paid $180/month for a couple years.

Almost 750.00 A Month

Thats OVER half our budget for a month.
We pay our rent
We pay our power bill
We pay our internet
We pay our car insurance
We buy our groceries
We do without brand new and buy everything we can 2nd hand to help with our grandkids.
How the hell are we going to be able to afford anything now?
We dont have savings..or a stock pile..or a house...we have nothing of value.
There are many where I live, who are in the same boat I am..And we are all about to drown...Suggestions?

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

I have the same question

I feel concerned for you and your neighbours.

I've got a good insurance provided by my employer, so this question is just to get some ground facts.

Last year in CA, I took a test called carotid-doppler and the hospital charged my insurance company $1200. I did the same test in India in 2009 for about Rs. 1250 (or about $25 at that time).

Say I didn't have insurance here. How do hospitals expect us to pay $1200 for a simple 5-10 minute non-surgical procedure (that don't even need doctors to perform). A visit to a general practitioner costs $100 to $200 and visit to specialist (say neurologist or cardiologist) costs $300 to $400. What would be my options if I wanted to go the cash-only route? Are there good-enough hospitals that take cash at a reasonable humane rate?

I'd really like to see an

I'd really like to see an online database of doctors and hospitals OUTSIDE the U.S. for those smart enough to take their necessary medical procedures out of the country to have these procedures done.

Doctors... hospitals... procedures identified... costs...


New political Party started which advocates dignifying the prerogative of individual choice concerning public domain, and the right to withdraw from abuse (inc. all taxation)



Hmm... I might suggest grabbing a torch and a pitchfork and joining with the inevitable angry mob to advance on Frankenstein's castle, but the creature has already escaped and multiplied.

ObamaCare - Least of our problems is premiums

Is not about premiums - it is about total control of Americans.

Purposely crashing the economy!

Now your thinking with your dipstick Jimmy! Problem, Reaction, solution is the order of the day.

exchanges are already open

in CA - Link to:


If your income is low (under 93K for family of 4) the premium is fairly competitive with today's markets but if your income is higher - OUTRAGEOUS!

Healthy Americans being force to pay for Unhealthy Americans while private insurance companies profit!


My monthly increases nearly $200!

and mine is going up $380/mo !

but that might just be an estimate since the exchange isn't officially open yet. Here it is so far in Oregon:

luckily I am still being told that I am grandfathered in on my old policy. At least that is my insurance companies current view of the law. Time will tell.

No "grandfathering" for me.

No "grandfathering" for me. My plan prices had DOUBLED (almost tripled) recently, forcing me to seek any alternatives available when I was informed of Health Savings Accounts, perfect for people with adequate personal savings. Now my provider is wiping out this plan and will only offer 4 crappier alternatives...and theirs are still the cheapest and best available! Oh, man. This is bad.

will HSA still be available?

I wonder if they will be. maybe only if grandfathered in? I expect over the next few years they will do price hikes on all the remaining plans so that people are forced to "assimilate".

Turns out if I lie about what I make to get a higher deductible (more similar to what I have) the "affordable Health Care Plan" will be 60-70% higher than my current plan. But, they only allow high-income people to get those plans. I don't see anything about savings. Low income folks are forced into much higher cost plans because they assume they have no assets or savings. Then the government pays that extra cost for them to the insurance companies. So, we get hit on both ends because it is our tax dollars as well.

This is the cost of everyone being able to get to go to the doctor and hospital. Which gets back to the fact that healthcare costs too much in this country. You really have to go to other countries to get anything major done. Has that been addressed? Not from my perspective.

93K gross income or less

93K gross income or less federal/state income tax income?


I'm not one for rabid conspiracy theories, but these figures are so removed from reality that the question of purposely crashing the economy can't be too far off

Then its time to read this

Then its time to read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanlon's_razor


for the enlightenment
; )