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ABC NEWS Censoring on Super Tuesday!

ABC News is planning to censor Dr. Paul from their coverage of Super Tuesday. Here is a link showing they plan to only cover the "top six" candidates, and you know what that means! Below are the appropriate e-mail addresses. Let them know (in a professional manner... lol) what you think!



Bombs away, and thanks!

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Law Suit

I think we need a panel of high powered attorneys to represent us.

did everyone else get the "form letter" e-mail...

....reply which I got from "ABC News Radio"..??

Ron Paul is a fascinating political figure who clearly has galvanized many voters. We have covered him and will continue to cover him as long as he is a candidate.

Click on this link to see a recent report from ABC News – the only organization that has a reporter dedicated to covering Ron Paul:


Thanks for your interest.

And, my response...

Yes, we in the grassroots have all seen this short, feeble, and basically defamatory report by the early-20's intern reporter.

No offense to the kid, as he seems very sharp and may have a great future. I'd be very proud if he were my son as a matter of fact. However....this campaign is on the verge of being one of the final three (or maybe two) remaining in the Republican presidential nomination race, so if ABC News really wishes to be the "cutting edge" network I believe it would be wise for you to assign a very prominent TOP-tier reporter to Dr. Paul immediately.

Thank you for your "form letter" response....
Lyle P Logan
Prescott, Arizona

(also CC'd it to the nine addies listed in the original post)

Email Sent

I gave them my piece of mind and will be going out to talk to my neighbors again for the third day.

USAF Veteran
Defense Contractor

Brian Sydnes
USAF Veteran
Defense Contractor


I think e-mailing a complaint to the FCC is a good idea. Even if they're bought and paid for by the socalists we have in power, if they ignore the complaints, there's a record of that, and if they offer some lame-ass explaination then there's more evidence to spread around the internet to help wake people up. Thanks!

Doc Holladay
Nashville, TN


Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

Just sent my emails off

I encourage others to do this. This is really effective when lots of people do it. Just ask Glenn Beck.


The FCC is a rule making body, just like the IRS. They can make stuff up as they go along and it carries the force of rule of law (don't even go into Constitutional powers, yes, they are corrupt).

Didn't ABC just get hit with a $1.4 million fine for a broadcast back in 2003? Hmmm ...

And didn't the FCC help in letting Clear Channel (and others) get by some things? Hmmmm.....

50 major news corporations in the 1980's, 5 today, ... hmmm, the FCC stopped "best of use" and switch to auctions in 1994?

Let me think ... emails are really going to help against loosing licenses?

Did I mention?

The board members are assigned by the President.

Want the media fixed, we need Dr. Paul to put good people in the FCC.


Get out there, door to door. Go to the mall and hand out fliers. Wait for church services to end and hand them out. Wait for a ball game to end, stand outside, hand them out.

If you don't have any, print some up and use a xerox at Kinkos.

The word needs to get out and it WON'T be through the media.

Thanks for the Help!

Thanks for the help everyone! Let's keep the heat on them.

Doc Holladay

Nashville, TN


Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

My letter to Salinger, et al

Dear Mr. Salinger,

Who is the FRONT-RUNNER among the GOP candidates?

In many ways, that would be Dr. Ron Paul:

* The most fund-raising clout
* The most caucus wins
* 2nd-place finish in Nevada primary
* Absolute domination of on-line polling for president
* Repeatedly selected “winner of the debate” by actual viewers
* Rapidly-growing support, from “unknown” to repeated besting of the media-annointed Chosen One, Rudy Giuliani
* Increasing fame and support worldwide – not just in America
* The ONLY candidate among the GOP to support ending the war – something the overwhelming majority of Americans clearly want
* The ONLY candidate with an actual, reality-based economic plan to reverse the damage done to our economy by years of corporatism, central banking, and other mistakes and corruption
* The ONLY candidate to actually UNDERSTAND economics, for that matter – Dr. Paul has written several books on the topic
* The ONLY candidate with a twenty-year record of voting as he says he will

So naturally, the GOP candidate you OMIT ENTIRELY from your coverage (at http://abcnewsradio.com/08election/advisories/supertuesday.html) is – ta-da! – Dr. Ron Paul.

Your support for war, corruption, and all the rest of Business as Usual is apparently strong enough to overcome any impulse towards fairness or accuracy you might have.

I’ll keep that in mind. In fact, I expect millions of Americans are learning about this aspect of the feeble Old Media and will also be keeping it in mind.

Very sincerely,

Glen Allport

Another reason you SHOULD be covering Dr. Paul:

Ron Paul Endorsed By Alabama Republican Assembly

Texas Congressman also wins organization’s public straw poll

BIRMINGHAM, January 26—The Alabama Republican Assembly today announced the winner of its Presidential Endorsing Convention held on January 26, 2008 at the Birmingham Marriott.

Delegates from ALRA clubs around the state attended the endorsing convention to select their choice for the Republican nomination. The ALRA requires a 2/3rds majority to endorse a candidate, otherwise no endorsement is made.

Republican Ron Paul succeeded in winning the ALRA endorsement on the 1st round of voting. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee came in second.

“We congratulate Ron Paul on winning the ALRA endorsement,” said Elaine Little, Chairman of the Endorsing Convention. “It’s evident that the overwhelming majority of delegates determined that Congressman Paul best represents the Republican platform and the conservative values of limited government and personal freedom.”

Little went on to explain that in a crowded field of several candidates, it’s unusual that an endorsement would be won on the first ballot.
[more at link above]

Bounced Email Returns Disney

A bounced email to abc.com returns a mail server path of mx2.disney.com. ABC is using the same mail server as Disney.

Well my opinion of Disney just went down through the crapper. What a great way to disguise an evil empire behind the most family oriented company of all time.

This is ABC News Radio

Your title implies it is television.

I think this protest may hit against their budgetary wall. Keep in mind previous nomination contests have only had 2 major candidates after the first 2 primaries. And this is one of those rare years that both parties have competitive primaries. So 6 correspondents is at least 2 more than they budgeted for. They had to make some tough decisions and they apparently decided not to assign reporters to John Edwards or Ron Paul, probably based on polls. If Guiliani drops out, they'll probably save the money rather than re-assign that reporter.

What if Guilianni/Huck drop

What if Guilianni/Huck drop out of the race by then. Can we have their spot?


Here's my email:

Covering only the top 6 candidates is fine with me as long as Dr. Paul is included. He's consistently beat the pants off Rudy Giuliani. If you really want to show the top 6 then take out Rudy! All of the networks obvious censorship of Dr. Paul is only showing more of the country how corrupt and bias you are. You and the public both know that it's not just ABC. It's all of the so called major networks. You've completely lost my confidence. ABC should be ashamed of itself.


did my part - TWICE - used my wifes account...

OMG did it again! Feels sooo gggooooooodddd.

Missed that
Their inbox is going to be awesome.

HMM HMM HUM. Kicking back! Love IT!!!!

Watch and feel the power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch and feel the power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just emailed everyone on the

Just emailed everyone on the list.....and also the FCC

If You REALLY Want to hurt MSM slim balls

disconnect your cable, disconnect your cable, disconnect your cable, disconnect your cable......

Our money is our vote....look who we are voting for by watching the stupid thing.....you can get all you need on the net...including cspan and awesome radio.




I've diconnected my cable over....

...a year ago! So there, MSM!

I'm using free over the air HDTV in all my teles....PBS is still infiltrated though! Grrrrrrr....

"In circuit motorsport, a driver has..."Paul position" when he or she starts a race at the front of the grid."

Cry Wolf?

Perhaps we should be in contact with the ABC News reporter that "follows" Ron Paul about this?
(Per Facebook's US Politics Application).

Z. Byron Wolf
Politicians I cover: Ron Paul
Networks: ABC
Education Info
Colleges: University of California, Berkeley '00
English and Political Science

Employer: ABC News
Position: Producer
Description: As Senate producer for ABC News, I editorially cover the U.S. Senate and, during the 2008 general election, will also be the off-air reporter for Republican Presidential candidates including Rep. Ron Paul from Texas, Rep. Tom Tancredo from Colorado and Rep. Duncan Hunter from California.


HAHA, so your the new guy? Well you assignment is
Rep. Ron Paul from Texas, Rep. Tom Tancredo from Colorado and Rep. Duncan Hunter from California.
Oh any yea, you are to NEVER speak directly on the air.

If I wasn't a fan of Paul, I'd be crying at my desk at this point.

OMG I just did it and it feeled sooooo goooood.

Thank you semperFi.
I used your text.
Added outrage and demanded they be closed down IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, It feels so good!!!!!!!

Watch and feel the power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch and feel the power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They will have Egg on their face after Super Tuesday.
Remember Paul has done very well in every state that the media forgot to cover and push for large turnout. The media can't POSSIBLY cover and get turnout in 20+ states at the same time. People know to show up to the polls once every 4 years in November, and thats all they will do.. shh, hush little babies time to go back to sleep. We will have to fight this revoLusion by ourselves.

Awesome video here

A lil Bush bashin... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrsLXwUlasE

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Call on the phone

212-456-5105 Peter Salinger

Ron Paul is ahead of Giuliani in VOTES so why are they covering ghoul?

The campaign needs $5 million soon for advertising. Ron Paul is in it for the long haul? Are YOU?

Ron Paul needs YOU!

Support your right to be here and speak your mind. The RPR is more than just a movement, it is a philosophy.

52,000 circulation in Capitol of Illinois newspaper

with an advertised poll and 2726 votes sits Ron Paul with 24.% behind McCanBombUwhenIwant2 with 38.9%, Mitt Whisper at 13.6%, Huckabeenlaudin at 10.4%, Capitol City GOP Fav Ghoulianne at 6.2% and forget the rest.

MSM touting Ghoul and McCrap. Help us break the silence before Super Tuesday here in Illinois! (21 electoral votes)

Please go to our new youtube video.

Go here to see what we are doing in Central Illinois for Ron Paul!

Also see this Ron Paul painting being auctioned on ebay!

Thanks to all Patriots to make these items viral!

Please send these links to everyone in your address books.

watched the youtube video

and sent $25 toward your effort. I see that you missed a deadline by about $200 for one ad...you should more actively post here and let us know if you're short by a small amount. I imagine we could help a bit.

Good luck.

Wait till he hits those western states

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent" Thomas Jefferson

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent" Thomas Jefferson

Just emailed, hope this helps

Dear Mr. Salinger,

Yes, I am a Ron Paul supporter, so let's get to the point. Your (well you only have so much say in the company anyway) decision to exclude Dr. Paul from this event does not come as a surprise. We all know why ABC and other mainstream media companies refuse to cover Dr. Paul in a positive manner, so we'll skip that. The fact is, on this occasion, your decision is unjustifiable and illogical. Rudy Guiliani has the least amount of votes and delegates out of the five remaining Republican candidates. Dr. Paul has nearly double his votes. That alone should alter your plan of action. If you want to get more technical, Dr. Paul has received more funding in last year's fourth quarter than Guiliani. Dr. Paul has also broken two records for the most amount of donation funds received in a single day, ever. Face it, you know this all too well, so why? Why do you still rank Guiliani ahead of Dr. Paul?
I've been trying to answer this myself. It's obvious you can get away with it, so that's not the issue. Do you personally feel that the rankings are accurate? If so, you are reporting opinion and speculation over solid fact, and that is not journalism. You have a responsiblity, a duty, to the American public to report in an unbiased and fair manner; to report the truth. Do you ever wonder why Dr. Paul's supporters are so active, so enthusiastic. It is because he understands that like journalists, government officials should be "by the people, for the people."
Is money really that valuable to you? You're selling the American people out. You're limiting this country's potential as a peaceful and prosperous nation for a few extra dollars. I'm not just taking about the exclusion of Dr. Paul in the upcoming event, I'm talking about your company's news coverage on the whole. Spin it anyway you want: "We're sheltering our citizens for their own benefit," "He isn't going to win anyway," "I'm qualified enough to know what's 'news worthy'", "We only report 'serious news'", "Stop spamming our email with 'conspiracy theories'", in the end Americans still suffer. What has happened to the spirit of journalism? It used to be that the press would stand up for the people, that it would protect them from big corporation interests.
I am writing this as a college student who is pursuing a degree in journalism and writing. That makes you a peer and role-model doesn't it? I hope to get a response from you, I really do. I know the chance you'll read this is worse than me winning the lottery, but I'll always have hope for humanity. Maybe you felt the same way I did when you were young. Maybe, you found out the hard way that "there is no such thing as honest news," so why bother fighting the system? Money buys cars and pays the mortgage, not ideas on truth. If you want to think along the lines of self interest, think of this. Who is remembered as a hero and honored for their virtue, the man who sold the truth for money and power, or the man who upheld the truth, even during the toughest of times? Always in life do the right thing, because it is the right thing.

Cornelius Barbulescu, NJ