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5 Signs You’re Really More of a “Libertarian Republican” at Heart

5 Signs You're Really a Libertarian Republican | PATRIOTS AND PAULIES

KRISTI KIRK (PATRIOTS AND PAULIES POLITICS & NEWS) – Whatd’ya get when you cross a Libertarian with a Republican? A “liberty Republican?” Or a “Libertarian Republican” perhaps? I prefer, “Republitarian.” But then I think the elephant-porcupine hybrid makes a ‘cute mascot.’

According to the Washington Times, in polite circles, Republicans who borrow a few pages from the Libertarian Party playbook are called “Libertarian leaning” Republicanswhich a new poll reveals is now about 41% of the GOP voter base (or closer to 80 percent if you include Republican-leaning Independents.)

Yes, you read it correctly.

Republicans in record numbers are leaning more toward the ideals and principles of Libertarianism — and if you are a fiscally conservative Republican with a moderate social conscience, chances are you’re one of them!

Don’t worry. It’s not that Republicans “are suddenly self-identifying as “libertarians” and devouring Ayn Rand novels,” a conciliatory James Hohmann points out in Politico, ”but more that they seem to be embracing underlying libertarian priorities and views about the role of government.”

Still, big-tent “libertarian” values within both the Republican party and the American voter population at large are at the highest levels in a decade. (And to think not long ago Sen. Rand Paul was scoffed at for suggesting that a “libertarian Republican approach” to politics could help win over young voters as well as moderates and independent voters for the Republican party!)

So how do you know if you’re becoming a more libertarian Republican? Here’s a political litmus test of sorts that might help you see which way you’re truly leaning…

5 Signs You’re Becoming a More Libertarian Republican

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