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Anyone notice an improvement in Dr. Paul's interviews?

We love the good doctor to death, but one of his shortcomings was that he would often speak over-excitedly or not clearly enough for non-liberty types like us to understand. In fact I think I read a comment somewhere on the DP after his feisty interview with Alex Wagner, that said as much.

However, in his recent interviews on MSNBC's Morning Joe and last nights Jay Leno, I notice he was much more cool, calm and collected. Has anyone else made this observation, or am I looking too much into superficiality?

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I agree, and would add that

I agree, and would add that he seems to have improved on how to deflect the more pointed or attacking questions towards another related topic where agreement can be found.

I think his brain works really fast, so fast that he is able to articulate ideas upstairs faster than he can verbalize them, but also so fast that sometimes he doesn't quite finish one thought or idea before going to the next.

I wish I could debate as calmly and collected as he can.

I agree

I've thought the same thing, as far as the reason he talks so fast.

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