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Christie warns: Allow dunes or we'll sue - Takes Couple's Property for $1

In addition to the order, the protracted legal battle between a Harvey Cedars couple and the borough over the rights to build a 22-foot dune on their beachfront property has been settled for less than a cup of coffee. The couple, Harvey and Phyllis Karan, will be compensated $1 in a property rights dispute that lasted over three years, two storms and one public rebuke by the governor. At one point, they had been awarded $375,000 for losing their ocean view to new protective dunes.


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This is a more complex issue

This is a more complex issue than it appears to be. Because almost all oceanfront property in the US is subsidized by federally funded flood insurance (greatly cheapening the real risk to the properties), the Federal government has, and should have the authority to do whatever is necessary to minimize that risk. Whether federally funded flood insurance should even exist at all or not is another matter.

Like giving Federal Flood

Like giving Federal Flood Insurance to people living within a 10-yr flood zone. Brilliant work...

Southern Agrarian